Seo Kang Joon And Kim Ah Joong Cs Chase Full Of Tension, The ‘Grid’ Team Promises Natural Fun

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Approaching The Release Date, ‘Grid‘ Released The Main Trailer In Which Seo Kang Joon And Kim Ah Joong Along With This Figure Are Chasing Lee Si Young For Different Reasons. This Is What The Production Team Said.

The upcoming Disney+ original drama, ” Grid ” starring Seo Kang Joon , has again teased viewers with the latest teaser. Along with the teaser video, a poster was also shared.

The mystery thriller genre, “Grid” tells the story of the pursuit of a creature known as “Ghost” ( Lee Si Young ) for different reasons. 24 years ago, “Ghosts” made a shield called “Grid” to protect humans from the solar wind that threatens human life. After that, the “Ghost” disappeared and reappeared as an accomplice to a serial killer.

In the new poster, the main cast such as Kim Sae Ha (Seo Kang Joon), Jung Sae Byuk ( Kim Ah Joong ), Song Eo Jin ( Koo Moo Yeol ), Jim Ma Nok ( Kim Sung Kyun ) and “Ghost” show full aura. determination. He has returned.”

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Kim Sae Ha – an employee of the Management Department who joined only to catch “Ghosts”, showed a complicated expression full of tenacity. Jung Sae Byuk, a violent detective who witnessed “Ghosts” while chasing a killer and hunted him until then. Song Eo Jin, one of the members of the Management Department who denies the existence of “Ghosts” when he himself is caught in the maelstrom of mysterious affairs.

Lastly, the “Ghost” gave off an extraordinary mysterious aura. The story in this drama is centered on his character and what makes him at the crossroads of two things.

In addition, the main trailer of “Grid” opens with a special investigative scene with an on-screen caption that reads, “The mysterious identity who saved mankind has returned as an assassin.”

After “Ghost” reappears, the hunt for his identity becomes even more terrifying for Kim Sae Ha. As the only person who witnessed the “Ghost” disappearing, Jung Sae Byuk had an important role in the investigation. “They were created to save humanity, so why did they attack me?” he asked.

Despite denying the existence of “Ghosts”, Song Eo Jin is in an uncomfortable situation when he gets an official report about a woman who disappeared in plain sight, which Sae Ha tries to find out. Sae Ha concluded, “They can teleport. Instead of looking for them, we have to make them come find us,” said Sae Ha.

As the chase becomes even more tense when the “Ghost” requests that no one interfere. When found, Kim Man Ok trembled with fear while caught in that situation without knowing why the “Ghost” was protecting her.

The production team promised, “‘Grid’ will reveal surprising events with refreshing material and a solid script that has never been seen on TV. As depicted through the poster and main trailer, you will be able to experience the natural excitement that comes from the mystery chase thriller as well as Seo Kang Joon’s power.

Meanwhile, “Grid” will premiere on February 16, 2022. Even so, it is not yet known how many episodes of this drama will be aired.