Seo Ji Hye Praised Perfectly, Romance With Yoon Kye Sang In ‘Kiss Sixth Sense’ Will Be Full Of Miracles

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‘Kiss Sixth Sense’ Introduces The Character Seo Ji Hye Who Has An Unexpected Miracle Ahead Of Its Premiere In May. The Production Team Gave Him High Praise.

Welcoming the premiere episode, the production team introduced the main character ” Kiss Sixth Sense ” through a scene. After Yoon Kye Sang , this time it was Seo Ji Hye ‘s turn to play an important role in this drama.

Based on the famous webtoon, “Kiss Sixth Sense” is a romantic drama that tells the story of Hong Ye Sool (Seo Ji Hye) and her miracle of seeing people’s future through the touch of her lips. One day, Ye Sool sees an unexpected future in bed with her boss after they accidentally kiss.

Hong Ye Sool himself is a marketing planning team under the leadership of Cha Min Hoo (Yoon Kye Sang). Ye Sool had already established herself as a master of the planning team with a strong desire and desire to become a natural advertiser who thought of everything related to advertising. But he had to face a team leader who likes to press because he is too sensitive.

But behind all the difficulties, Ye Sool apparently has a magical ability that allows her to see other people’s future. Instantly his life changes when he begins to see an absurd future with Cha Min Hoo.

On Thursday (28/4), the production team released a still photo of the scene where Hong Ye Sool became the brightest employee on his team. His eyes seemed to be alive with natural passion as he prepared everything carefully.

Regarding acting, the production team gave high praise for Seo Ji Hye as Hong Ye Sool. “Seo Ji Hye is an actress who brightens the mood with a bright smile and is graceful with her modern image. In that case, it’s perfect for Ye Sool’s character,” they said.

Then, the production team continued, “In particular, when their lips touch, acting may be difficult after the power of seeing the future is shown. However, Seo Ji Hye studied the eyes and expressions in detail and showed them perfectly.”

Meanwhile, ‘Kiss Sixth Sense’ will be available to watch on May 25. This drama will be exclusively released on Disney + every Wednesday.