Sehun EXO Becomes the Main Character in Drakor Love, Hara High School


Sehun EXO will return to the world of acting. After the success of Now We Are Breaking Up, he will return to star in Korean dramas as the main character.
The news was first conveyed by Sports Chosun. Sehun is said to be starring in the Korean drama Love, Hara High School.

Shortly after the news was delivered, SM Entertainment immediately confirmed it. Sehun will play the main character named Go YOo in the drama.

” Sehun is right to be starring in the main character named Go Yoo in the TVING drama titled Love, Hara High School,” said SM Entertainment.

Love, Hara High School is a Korean drama that tells the story of friendship and romance between 18-year-old teenagers. The drama will also discuss cellular memory, a hypothesis that memory can be transferred through organ donation.

Gong Yoo is told as an 18-year-old student who is in the second grade of high school. He grows taller every day and is hailed as a basketball genius.

He is also an interesting student figure, who has good grades even though he has never studied. Go Yoo is too busy to date because of his activities and the need to protect his partner, Joon Hee.

Until one day he had to donate his kidney to Joon Hee. Go Yoo and Joon He end up as rivals to win So Yeon’s heart due to cellular memory syndrome.

Love, Hara High School will start filming in April 2022 and is scheduled to air this year on TVING.

Meanwhile, Sehun has started to show acting skills since starring in EXO Next Door in 2015 and Dokgo Rewind in 2018. The EXO member then also appeared on the big screen through The Pirates: Goblin Flag to steal attention in the drama Now We Are Breaking Up and competed in roles with Song Hye Kyo to Jang Ki Yong.