[SEE] Prepare your Christmas gifts at this independent book fair [ABSOLUCIOJONA]

The convocation and curatorship of Hojas De Cedro is in charge of Idalia Sauttoeditor of Pitzilein Books. Some of the projects and artists that will be presented are: Piedra Ediciones, Flores Rosx, Festina, Alacraña, Handbooks, Alex Tapia, Stick out your tongue fanzine, Malabar, Tropical conifers, Niñx sin lungos, Liz Meville, Gato Negro, Antelope, Casa del Ahuizote, Pitzilein Books, Volcana, This is a book and you change them.

Hojas De Cedro will take place on Saturday, December 17 in the Santa María la Rivera neighborhood.

These types of proposals promote the work of the new scene of independent publishers in Mexico City, which needs to see first-hand the work of their colleagues in the union and, at the same time, receive feedback from the public interested in risky proposals that they seek to creatively question the traditional forms of the printed book.