[SEE] Gods and Mayan art surprises in the rooms of the Met in New York

[SEE] Gods and Mayan art surprises in the rooms of the Met in New York [ABSOLUCIOJONA]


“Mayan artists, who inhabited what are now Belize, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, and Mexico, they represented their gods in very imaginative ways both in monumental works and in minuscule pieces; Examples of this are the large, exquisitely carved sculptures and the small jade, obsidian or shell ornaments that adorned kings and queens, and which symbolically connected them with supernatural forces. For its part, the refined ceramic painting reveals many details of the hectic lives of the gods”, can be read in the Met’s explanation of the exhibition.

Gods and Mayan art at the Met in New York.
Stelae, stuccoed glyphs, censers, panels, anthropomorphic sculptures, tombstones, codex-type vessels, plates, and masks are among the pieces loaned by Mexico.

The exhibition was initially conceived by James Doyle, who served as the MET’s Assistant Curator of the Art of Ancient America. The MET curator of ancient American art, Joanne Pillsbury; INAH researcher and associate curator at this same venue, Laura Filloy Nadaland assistant professor of anthropology at Yale University, Oswaldo Chinchilla Mazariegos. On behalf of the Kimbell Museum of Art, its organization has been in charge of the curator of ancient Asian, African and American art.or, Jennifer Casler Price.