[SEE] Cate Blanchett smells like Oscar, receives six minutes of ovation in Venice [ABSOLUCIOJONA]

This is Field’s first feature film in 16 years. tar follows Blanchett’s character from the height of her creative and professional powers to a heartbreaking collapse amid a cloud of #MeToo accusations. Nina Hoss, Noémie Merlant, Sophie Kauer, Julian Glover, Mark Strong, Allan Corduner and Sylvia Flote are among the supporting actors in the film.

"Tar" Red Carpet - 79th Venice International Film Festival
Cate Blanchett received six minutes of applause in Venice.

The preparation for this character has all the challenging elements for a performer: she taught herself German, to play the piano and to conduct an orchestra. While Blanchett is in the awards spotlight right now, the film could go deeper next season, with possible nominations in multiple categories, including best original score, composed by the Oscar-winner for joker, Hildur Gudnadóttir.

tape frame tar.