Science Fell in Love Gives Yukimura Shinya His Quintessential Quintuplets Moment


The cool kuudere scientist Yukimura Shinya is determined to prove the validity of his love for Himuro Ayame and vice versa with the power of science, and that challenge is what drives the plot of Science fell in Love forward. But now and then, Shinya must face other challenges as a grad student scientist — including tutoring uncooperative high schoolers.

It’s one thing to understand advanced science or math, but it’s another matter to teach all this to a student in a comprehensive and engaging manner, and this is what Shinya must do in Science Fell in Love‘s newest episode. The entire sequence might remind anime fans of similar premises, such as Uesugi Futaro tutoring the five Nakano sisters in The Quintessential Quintuplets.

While Ayame, Ibarada Ena and Kosuke run their own science experiment at a live concert, Shinya has a quieter but much more challenging task ahead: tutoring the lively blonde student Haruka, who readily admits to being terrible at science and math. She also absolutely loves gyaru life and drinking tapioca with friends, but her frazzled father demands that she get some tutoring done to get into a good college. This shows the potential dark side of being a cheerful genki girl — neglecting to study or take real-life responsibilities seriously. Not all characters are like that, but some are, and that’s where Shinya comes in.

At first, Haruka and her new tutor don’t get along well, and Shinya makes a poor first impression with his strict methods and lack of empathy for Haruka’s position. He understands the science and math involved, but he isn’t dealing with his peers such as Ayame and Kosuke, and he struggles to adjust. Shinya’s patience gets tested when Haruka refuses to cooperate while studying, and he actually shows a surprise tsundere side to his personality in this episode. He acts abrasive and cold, but deep down, he wants Haruka to learn well, and he secretly takes pride in seeing her succeed after a few hours. He doesn’t often show this tsundere streak at the university though.

Shinya’s credentials as a scientist are really put to the test in Season 2, Episode 4, since being better-educated than Haruka doesn’t mean he always knows what’s best. He needs a way to make science accessible and intuitive for his student, and his usual lab experiments will not suffice here. Instead, Shinya pushes himself to speak Haruka’s language and get into her mind. That’s not easy for a bookish kuudere like him, but by completing this challenge, he grows a little both as a scientist and as a person. That’s similar to how Uesugi Futaro tutored the Nakano sisters and quickly bettered himself as a person, and even found love. He could only get so far by studying on his own at home.

Shinya might continue to tutor students like Haruka in future episodes, either on-screen or off-screen, and it’s good for him. Being forced to simplify science and make it accessible may help Shinya understand it better himself, and he might even gain some new ideas along the way. Perhaps Shinya has spent too much time on his own in the lab and is in a mental rut, so by exposing his mind to other people such as Haruka, Shinya can rejuvenate his mental facilities and make science more intuitive for himself too. He may be about to become his own student and reap the rewards in due time.