‘Schmigadoon!’: The new Apple TV+ series is a parody of the classic musical


Lorne Michaels (‘Saturday Night Live’, ’30 Rock’) is a producer of the hilarious series directed by Barry Sonnenfeld and starring Cecily Strong and Keegan-Michael Key. ‘Schimigadoon! ‘ arrives with the first two episodes on Apple TV+, which will be followed by a new one every Friday. Get popcorn and dancing shoes ready.

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The last time I saw ‘The Wicker Man’ (The Wicker Man), with the late Robin Hardy presenting the final cut, I thought how bad life would be if it were like living in a musical. That landmark nightmare, so far removed from the happy musical of Hollywood’s golden age, is part of the epicenter of a series that, moreover, doesn’t hesitate to finish off that bullet in its first episode.

This classic Hollywood musical parody tells the story of a couple on a backpacking trip, one of which is used to strengthen a relationship that doesn’t go through its best moments. Lost in a storm, they will end up with their bones in a magical city living in a musical from the 40s and which will test their relationship as well as their nerves as they discover that they will be able to leave it until they find true love. .

Why is it better to spend the day singing and dancing in the rain or on a yellow brick road? The truth is that if you think about it, it doesn’t seem like the healthiest choice for an ideal life. A piece of music, perhaps with the exception of ‘Popstar’, doesn’t sound like the ideal life plan for anyone in their right mind. If you’re also stuck against your will in a stale musical and must survive a brutal relationship crisis, you may be lost.

The protagonists of ‘Schmigadoon!’, the new series from showrunners Ken Daurio and Cinco Paul (‘Gru: Despicable Me’) live in this particular hell. That the direction of the entire series falls into the hands of Barry Sonnenfeld (‘Men in Black’) is no coincidence: the director has produced a reboot of ‘Fantasy Island’ or the extraordinary ‘Series of Lemony Snicket’s catastrophic misfortunes’.

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Paul had the idea for the series more than 20 years ago, even though at the time there were two men playing the music. According to the host, by changing his starting point to a couple stuck there until they can find true love, he’s clear that he has series potential. In addition, Cinco Paul is also responsible for the original music for the series.

The series succeeds, among many other things, for having a sensational main partner. Cecily Strong, who is also a producer, and Keegan-Michael Key, one of the funniest men you can see on screen right now, have great chemistry that only gets better the worse their relationship gets. Between flashbacks of the past, happy? from couples and technicolor gifts full of musical ornamentation, the comic that emerged from ‘Saturday Night Live’ demonstrates the animal’s multidisciplinary ability to hold an ambitious project on its shoulders. For the six episodes that make up the season of ‘Schmigadoon!’ Alan Cumming, Kristin Chenoweth, Fred Armisen and Martin Short also joined the parade.

But despite those details, we can’t ignore that we’re talking about music from the 40s, even if it’s a joke. ‘Schmigadoon!’ looks and shines from simplicity and naturalness. Despite how fun their songs are and how colorful their musical numbers are, the series always seems to be told through the eyes of a hooligan kid. And that aspect is also due to the director, who once again made us enjoy ‘The Addams Family’ or people shooting symbolic titles like ‘Panic at three’ or ‘Arizona Baby’.

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A music series that is actually a parody of an old title almost a century ago doesn’t in theory seem to be the platform’s biggest public success, as it seems that nowadays people are more aware of YouTube than content. quality, but Apple TV is progressing rapidly and is a satisfying relief from the harsh reality of spending a season without ‘Ted Lasso’. A blessed alcoholic drink before the arrival of the true Special.