Scariest Netflix Original Horror Movies


In recent years, movie streaming services have grown rapidly. Streaming platforms are popping up, like Disney+ and Netflix. It is not only a place to legally enjoy films, but also a company that produces original films.

So far, Netflix has produced many original films of various genres. Ranging from romance films that make you baper to horror films that make you tremble. Netflix original films have been recognized for their quality, and even managed to penetrate Oscar nominations, you know.

To test your guts, here are seven Netflix original horror films that are really scary.


His House
His House is one of Netflix’s most brilliant films. Not only presents a gripping horror story, this film also raises the issue of immigrants.

The story itself focuses on an immigrant couple named Bol (Sope Dirisu) and Rial (Wunmi Mosaku) who travel to England. They do it to start a new life due to war-torn homeland.

The couple then moved into an old haunted house. Things get even worse when Rial realizes that Bol has been keeping a secret that has strained their relationship. This condition exacerbates the problems they have to solve.

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Apostle is set in England in 1995. This film tells the story of a man named Thomas Richardson (Dan Steven) who goes to a deserted island to save his younger sister, Jennifer, who was kidnapped by a cult.

The sect demands a ransom if it wants Jennifer to survive. Thomas secretly infiltrated the sect to see the condition of his sister. There, he even found a very terrible and dangerous fact.

This film is directed by Gareth Evans, the director who was previously known for the success of the film The Raid. Presenting different stories and horrors, this film is guaranteed to make you tremble while watching.

Little Evil
Little Evil is one of those comedy and horror films that is funny, but also terrifying. It is told by Gary (Adam Scott), a property agent who seems to have a windfall since marrying Samantha (Evangeline Lily).

Gary doesn’t know that Samantha was once a member of a cult that is now turning her son into an antichrist . This of course caused problems for Gary. He began to be confused whether to raise his son to be a good person or to get rid of him for mutual safety.

Rather than emphasizing the horror side, this film focuses more on the process of how to be a good father. The process of a father learning to love a problem child is also well described.

Cargo tells of the struggle of Andy Rose (Martin Freeman) who is trying to survive the zombie outbreak that hit Australia. Andy with his wife and children managed to survive the plague by taking shelter in the river area.

One day, his wife was accidentally bitten by a zombie. Inevitably, Andy was forced to kill his wife, but unfortunately he was bitten. Andy has 49 hours to get his son to safety before he becomes a zombie.

The only place he could go was the Aboriginal Tribes who were known to be able to fight off zombie attacks. Do you think Andy will be able to arrive before turning into a zombie?

The Ritual
The Ritual is a film based on the novel of the same name by Adam Nevill. It is told that four friends, namely Luke, Phil, Dom, and Hutch, go hiking in Sweden as a form of respect for their friends who were killed by robbers.

Unfortunately, due to not having sufficient knowledge and skills, they began to suffer various injuries. Dom felt he couldn’t walk any longer, so he decided to take a shortcut instead of the established path.

With a compass and a map, these four friends were desperate to penetrate the forest area. Luke begins to feel and find strange things along the way. Ranging from deer carcasses to strange symbols, but his friends wouldn’t listen.

Luke’s guess was actually not wrong, because there were invisible creatures watching them from a distance. This film will make you uncomfortable!