Scanning the Will Smith Incident, Netflix Suspends Production of “Fast and Loose Movie”

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Scanning the Will Smith Incident, Netflix Suspends Production of “Fast and Loose Movie”

Netflix is ​​reportedly delaying the production of the action Movie “Fast and Loose” starring Will Smith. This news was issued after the Chris Rock slapping incident at the Oscars 2022 and Will Smith resignation from the Academy.

According to Variety, director David Leitch has pulled out of the project in favor of moving on to “Fall Guy” alongside Ryan Gosling.

Netflix also hasn’t confirmed the continuation of “Fast and Loose,” or even whether Will Smith will stay in the Movie.

At a glance, “Fast and Loose” will tell the story of a criminal who loses his memory after an attack.

After mysteriously awakening in Tijuana, the character is forced to discover pieces of his past.

It leads him to discover that he has two identities, one as a wealthy criminal and the other as an undercover CIA agent.

As production of “Fast and Loose” has been postponed, it is still unknown whether there will be any other effects after the incident by husband Jada Pinkett Smith.

However, there is still hope for Will Smith through the Apple TV+ drama “Emancipation”, which is still in post-production.

Will Smith Fast and Loose Movie Delayed Production, Apparently This Is The Cause

Will Smith beating of Chris Rock at the 2022 Oscars turned out to be a long one.

As a result of the incident , the production of the Movie Fast and Loose , which was played by Smith , was reportedly postponed .

Yep, Netflix, as the production team of the Movie , decided to postpone the production of the Movie directed by David Leitch.

However, the news of the production delay is also related to the director decision, Leitch, to withdraw from the Movie project .

Leitch is known to have chosen to move and produce Universal Studio Fall Guy with Ryan Gosling.

So far, it has only been reported that the Fast and Loose Movie will be delayed in production.

There no word yet on whether to actually delay or stop production.

The impact of the beating incident at the 2022 Oscars actually really affected Smith.

It is not yet known how Smith will continue his career after this incident. However, it has been confirmed that Smith is resigning from The Academy.

The Academy president, David Rubin, said he had accepted Smith resignation.

However, the Movie academy will still hold negotiations on April 18, 2022.

Negotiations were conducted to determine the appropriate sanctions for Smith for the incident of beating Rock on the stage at the 2022 Oscars.

It is known that apparently, after the beating incident on stage, Smith was immediately approached by the organizers of the 2022 Oscars.

They asked Jada Pinkett husband to leave the Dolby Theater, where the 94th Oscars were held.

However, Smith insisted he didn’t want to leave the venue and enjoyed the 2022 Oscars awards night to the end.

In fact, he had received the Best Actor trophy for the Movie King Richard. And when he received the award, he apologized for what happened a few minutes earlier.

Although he apologized directly on stage, Rock name was not mentioned.

Just one day after the incident, Smith publicly apologized to Rock via his personal social media.

The father of Jaden Smith apologized for his actions and admitted that he was wrong and had crossed the line.