SBS has broadcast the latest episode of ” Business Proposal ” on Tuesday (22/3) last night


One Of The Scenes Of Seol In A And Kim Min Kyu’s Uwu In The New Episode Of ‘Business Proposal’ Caught The Attention Of Viewers. The Following Is A Portrait Of The Scene As Well As The Complete Response Of Fans.

SBS has broadcast the latest episode of ” Business Proposal ” on Tuesday (22/3) last night. This episode brought many interesting moments, including when Cha Sung Hoon ( Kim Min Kyu ) carried Jin Young Seo ( Seol In A ) on the mountain.

This scene begins when Cha Sung Hoon and Jin Young Seo  argue while climbing a mountain. Jin Young Seo who felt angry finally decided to go down by himself until he got lost.

During that moment, Cha Sung Hoon who was following him quietly approached. However, they got into an argument again, until Jin Young Seo sprained her leg while trying to get out of there.

That’s why Cha Sung Hoon decided to carry Jin Young Seo down. This boyfriend’s sincerity touched Jin Young Seo, he couldn’t even wait to go home so they could make out in the apartment.

Missing Uwu, Kim Min Kyu’s Moment of Carrying Seol In A in ‘Business Proposal’ Succeeds in Stealing Attention

This scene immediately attracted attention as soon as it was broadcast. Many viewers were anxious to see the purity of this drama’s second couple and began to make various comments such as the following:

“They are very adorable,” said a netter. “This scene is very sweet. Their chemistry is also amazing,” added the other netters. “This is very cute.
“His acting is very natural. The way he kisses Sung Hoon also looks natural,” said another netter. “This couple is very adorable and their chemistry is so natural,” said another. “I hope they star in another drama as the main couple,” concluded the other netters.

Meanwhile, the entire filming process for “Business Proposal” is rumored to have ended. This drama itself only leaves four final episodes and will end on April 5.