SBS Drama Awards 2021: Kim So Yeon Wins Daesang, Here’s The Complete List Of Winners


Kim So Yeon Was Awarded The Daesang Or The Highest Award For The First Time Since Her Acting Debut Thanks To Her Stunning Performance As Cheon Seo Jin In ‘Penthouse.’

SBS Drama Awards 2021 takes place at SBS Prism Tower in Seoul on December 31, hosted by Shin Dong Yup and Kim Yoo Jung . Kim So Yeon was awarded the Daesang or the highest award for the first time since her acting debut.

The SBS dramas that won big were ” Lovers of the Red Sky ,” ” Taxi Driver ,” ” One the Woman ,” ” Racket Boys ” and ” Penthouse

Honey Lee won the Top Excellence Award and mentioned her husband in her speech. Here is the complete list of winners:

Daesang (Grand Prize): Kim So Yeon (“Penthouse”)

Director’s Award: Kim Da Mi dan Choi Woo Shik (“Our Beloved Summer”)

Top Excellence Award for Actor in Mini-series (Fantasy) : Lee Je Hoon (“Taxi Driver”)

Top Excellence Award for Mini-series (Romantic Comedy) Actress : Honey Lee (“One the Woman”)

Best Character Award (Aktris): Oh Na Ra (“Racket Boys”)

Best Character Award (Aktor): Kwak Si Yang (“Lovers of the Red Sky”)

Excellence Award for Mini-series (Fantasy) Actress : Esom (“Taxi Driver”)

Excellence Award for Actor in Mini-series (Fantasy) : Ahn Hyo Seop (“Lovers of the Red Sky”)

Excellence Award for Mini-series Actress (Romantic Comedy) : Jin Seo Yeon (“One the Woman”)

Best Couple: Ahn Hyo Seop dan Kim Yoo Jung (“Lovers of the Red Sky”)

Best Supporting Cast: Pemain “Racket Boys”

Best Supporting Actress (Komedi Romantis): Park Hyo Joo (“Now We Are Breaking Up)”

Best Supporting Actor (Komedi Romantis): Song Won Seok (“One the Woman”)

Scene Stealer Award: Shim So Young (“Taxi Driver”)

Best Child Actress: Lee Jae In (“Racket Boys”)

Best Child Actor: Tang Joon Sang (“Racket Boys”)

Congratulations to the winners!

SBS Drama Awards 2021: Kim So Yeon 'Penthouse' Dijagokan Raih Piala  Tertinggi Daesang

SBS Drama Awards 2021: Kim So Yeon ‘Penthouse’ Wins The Highest Daesang Trophy

Kim So Yeon’s Opponents In Winning The 2021 SBS Drama Awards Daesang Award Were Song Hye Kyo’s ‘Now, We Are Breaking Up’, Lee Je Hoon ‘Taxi Driver’ And Honey Lee ‘On The Woman’.

SBS Drama Awards 2021 will hold an award night on Saturday (31/12). Ahead of the event, Kim So Yeon’s acting, who is a candidate for the highest Daesang award for her good acting in the ” Penthouse ” series , has once again become a hot topic.

To win the Daesang trophy, Kim So Yeon had to fight other actresses whose acting in the 2021 SBS drama received a lot of praise. They are Song Hye Kyo ” Now, We Are Breaking Up “, Lee Je Hoon ” Taxi Driver ” and Honey Lee ” On the Woman “.

In the series “Penthouse”, Kim Seo Yeon plays the role of an antagonist named Cheon Seo Jin. She was a wealthy woman who was the epitome of arrogance and misleading ambition. Cheon Seo Jin will do anything for power, money, and pride.

If you’ve watched the “Penthouse” series, surely some scenes of Cheon Seo Jin must still be fresh in your memory. One of the most popular scenes is when he brutally plays the piano after getting drenched in the rain after killing his own father.

Kim Seo Yeon has received a lot of praise for her outstanding performance in the drama. It’s only natural that in the 2021 SBS Drama Awards, the actress born in 1980 is widely promoted to win the Daesang.

“It must be him,” wrote one netizen. “He deserves the main prize,” continued another. “I really like his acting in ‘Penthouse’,” said another netizen. “There is no competition at all, which is clear Kim So Yeon,” concluded the other netizens.

On the other hand, the 2021 SBS Drama Awards will take steps to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and ensure the safety of invited guests. The actors would wait in their respective waiting rooms and take the stage when the presenter called out their names.

For safety purposes, the trophy will be placed on the table for the award winner to collect himself. The MCs will use their personal microphones, and the microphones on stage will be disinfected and the covers changed after each award is given.