Satire of “stress of losing a loved one”, ‘sigh’ at the confession of alopecia areata (‘Rice Planting Club’)

[Photo] OSEN DB.

[Photo] OSEN DB.

[OSEN=Reporter Choi Ji-yeon] The satire of the ‘Rice Planting Club’ YouTuber confessed that she suffered from alopecia areata due to stress. MBN-LG HelloVision’s ‘Rice Planting Club’, which aired on the 1st, featured guests Jung Sung-yoon, Kim Mi-ryeo, Satire, Kim Seung-hyun, and Moon Soo-in. On this day, MC Park Myung-soo asked Satire, “Is there a reason you came to the rice planting club when you’re so busy?” In response, Satire responded, “This is a broadcast I must appear on. I suffered quite a bit from hair loss. You will be surprised,” and released a picture. 

'Rice Planting Club' broadcast screen

‘Rice Planting Club’ broadcast screen

All the cast members who saw this were very surprised. The photo that Satire revealed was completely empty because of circular hair loss on the back of his head. Satire confessed, “About two years ago, a friend I loved so much passed away. After that, I started to lose hair due to stress.”

Then she explained, “But I didn’t know. Then I went to the shop because I had to broadcast, and the teacher was surprised to know. I thought I would fly if I was comfortable without stress, but he said it spreads to the entire back of the head.” Satire said, “I found it right before it spread, went to the hospital, and received injection treatment. I was injected directly into the scalp and heard that it was very painful, so I was actually worried. But contrary to my worries, it was cool. I was hit once and my hair grew I did,” he said, feeling relieved.