Sanji is Shocked, Queen Masters Germa 66 Technology in Chapter 1,034 One Piece


Chapter 1.034 One Piece again focuses its attention on Sanji. The previous chapter focused on Zoro struggling to control, Enma, his sword. The sword started to drain his Haki after he heard the shamisen’s voice. Chapter 1,034 opens with an explosion in the Hall of Pleasure. The woman who is afraid of Sanji, Osome, runs off to find someone named Chuji. Another woman carried Osome back. However, he ignored their request. Osome is determined to find Chuji.


Outside, Momonosuke was still trying to create enough Fire Clouds to stop Onigashima’s movements. Instead, he came up with a new idea. He was about to grab the Cloud of Fire that Kaido created that pushed Onigashima forward and pull him back. If he couldn’t push the island back into place, at least he could prevent it from advancing and keep it where it was.

In the Hall of Pleasure, Queen shoots a gleam from her eyes in an attack she calls the Trigger Queen. Sanji recognized it as one of Ichiji’s moves, Valkyrie Trigger. While Sanji is still in the sky, Queen fires Queen Henry’s stance. He extended his robotic arm. Sanji was shocked. The attack was similar to Henry Niji’s Blazer move.

Queen then explains that she can also use the Germa 66 technique. She wants to beat Sanji by using Vinsmoke Judge’s knowledge while Sanji puts on his ambush costume to show off to Judge. He has been doing research on the progress of the science of Germa.

Queen then replicated everything the Vinsmoke children could do. He then used the Winch Guillotine against Sanji. He dragged her through and across the wall.

Sanji managed to get out of Queen’s grip. He destroyed the robotic hand of Kaido’s men. To Queen, Sanji said he had warned him not to talk about Vinsmoke in his presence. However, Queen becomes even more offended that Sanji is trying to say what he can and can’t say.

Sanji then uses a Flanchet Attack. He kicked Queen in the stomach. Apparently, that move managed to cause great damage to Queen. Sanji said, it could happen because they fought for so long and became weak. After she finished discussing finding the resolution, Queen disappeared using Sanji’s Black Demon technique.

At first, Sanji was shocked. However, he became even more impressed and surprised Queen by disappearing. Queen finally realized that it was more about speed, not technique. He also knew that Sanji would run out of stamina.

Queen sees Osome who found Chuji, the mouse. He got angry because Osome dared to show his face when he had kicked him out. Still out of sight, Queen approaches Osome and prepares to punish him for his impudence.

Sanji uses Ifrit Jambe. He then realized that it was Queen who actually attacked Osome, not him. This made Sanji even more angry.

A little flashback , in theprevious chapters , Sanji suffered the effects of awakening his Germa 66 power. Just then, he felt like he was attacking a woman. In fact, Sanji really likes women and never attacks him. He too fears that he will become like his brothers: heartless and merciless. Sanji even asked Zoro to kill him when the war was over.

Ifrit Jambe’s stance makes Queen visible again. Osome witnessed the attack. Sanji then attacked Queen with a barrage of kicks. In one final blow, he sends Queen flying with a Boeuf Blast. One Piece Chapter 1.034finished. Chapter 1.035 is scheduled to be released on Sunday (19/12) or next week.