Sanji Asks Zoro to Kill Him in One Piece Chapter 1,031


Chapter 1.031 One Piece reveals Sanji’s heartbreak after awakening his inner superpower. The Straw Hat Pirate Chef couldn’t accept his body’s new condition. He was also still confused by the changes he had experienced. His confusion grew even more after he found himself with a woman he attacked. The third son in the Vinsmoke family is known as a womanizer. He believed that it was because of the awakening of his latent powers that he had become like his brothers—having no mercy and not averse to attacking women.


Sanji is afraid that Germa’s science will modify his body and he will become like a cyborg. Sanji began to doubt himself. He lost some of his memories. He was worried that he had hurt a woman when he ran away from Queen.

According to spoilers quoted by IBTimes , these thoughts prompted Sanji to take off his assault suit. He will also then use the Den Den Mushi to summon Zoro. He asked Zoro to make a difficult decision.

Sanji told Zoro if he went crazy or lost his mind, then Zoro should kill him after their battle against Kaido and his army. Zoro seemed quite happy to hear Sanji’s request.

“Now, I have something to look forward to,” Zoro said.

Germa is usually evil. Sanji’s brothers are merciless and cruel people. Meanwhile, Sanji, who has not had this power since childhood, grows up to be an empathetic person. If he loses control of his emotions, then there is no purpose for him to live. Hence, he asked Zoro to kill him if he went crazy.

Instead of becoming like his brothers, Sanji only experienced an increase in his strength and his body became strengthened to the absolute limit. There will be a backstory that might show that Sanji is indeed made like his brother but there are a number of aspects that have been changed. Sanji’s best qualities are his emotions and love for women. He is the top three of the Straw Hat crew. Eiichiro Oda doesn’t seem like he’s going to kill Sanji.

These scenes are a continuation ofchapter 1029 when Sanji realized that his powers rose when he fought Queen. Confused, he ran to the battlefield. The Queen chased after him. In chapter 1031, Queen is still in front of him. Sanji also launched a powerful move called Hell Memories (Memories of Hell).

Besides Sanji, chapter 1.031 will also continue the fight between Big Mom and Law no Kid. This chapter will explain the awakening of Law and Kid’s Devil Fruit powers. Apparently, this awakening is called “Grace”.

Law asks Kid about his resurrection ability. However, Kid refused to reveal anything. They both started fighting. Meanwhile, Big Mom is getting tired. He used one year of his life expectancy to get stronger and bigger. Big mom also gave some of her soul power to the homies and also Napoleon.

In chapter 1031, CP-0 will arrive in Onigashima. This team of agents appeared at the place where Brook and Robin were currently fighting. This agent will try to catch Robin.

spoiler mentions that chapter 1,031 of One Piece can also highlight the defeat of two Yonko and the arrival of another Yonko in Wano. He is Shanks. The former member of the Roger Pirates will start moving to Onigashima. He is the only Yonko who doesn’t have Devil Fruit powers. He is also separated from the others who have Devil Fruit powers.

Chapter 1.031 of One Piece marks the beginning of the story arc’s final actWano . This chapter is titled The Warrior of Science . Chapter 1.031 will be officially released on Sunday (7/11).