‘Sancho’s agent’ helps Manchester United sign Jude Bellingham


Manchester United’s move to get Jude Bellingham’s services gets help. Their winger, Jadon Sancho is actively persuading the midfielder to move to Old Trafford.

Bellingham is one of the best young midfielders in Europe right now. The midfielder showed a very brilliant performance in the Borussia Dortmund squad.

Manchester United are reportedly very desperate to sign Bellingham. They want to make the midfielder part of their team in 2022.

The Independent claims that United’s move to sign Bellingham is getting easier. Because Jadon Sancho helped to convince the midfielder to move to Old Trafford.

Active Communication
The report claims that Jadon Sancho and Jude Bellingham have been actively texting recently.

Bellingham is reportedly asking Sancho a lot about life at United. He wanted to know how the internal situation at MU.

Sancho reportedly strongly recommended Bellingham move to United and he hopes the juniors can follow suit.

It will be difficult
The same report claims that Manchester United will be difficult to get Bellingham next season.

This is because Borussia Dortmund is very reluctant to part with the midfielder. They will do everything they can to keep the midfielder.

Dortmund are in a strong position because Bellingham’s contract at Signal Iduna Park is also still long. So they can easily defend the midfielder.

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Transport One Pair
Bellingham is reportedly not the only Dortmund player who will be hijacked by Manchester United next season.

The Red Devils are also reportedly interested in signing Erling Haaland from Dortmund.

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Manchester United seem to have postponed their plans to sign Jude Bellingham . Because Borussia Dortmund do not plan to release the midfielder in 2022.

Bellingham is currently one of the most talked about young midfielders. This is because the midfielder showed a very impressive performance in the Borussia Dortmund midfield.

The brilliance of this 18-year-old youth attracted the attention of Manchester United. The Red Devils will reportedly try to sign him alongside Erling Haaland next year.

The Sun claims that Manchester United may fail to get Bellingham. Because Dortmund are reluctant to let him go next year.

Key Player
The report claims that Dortmund’s management and coaching team are reluctant to part with Bellingham.

They assess the midfielder is now a player who is not displaced in their squad. He is considered very important in maintaining the balance of their midfield.

That’s why Dortmund are desperately trying to keep the midfielder for next season.

Mandatory Prevent
The report also claims that Dortmund will do everything in their power to keep Bellingham.

This is because they will lose Erling Haaland in the summer of next year.

Dortmund considered it too risky to let go of the two main pillars of their team at once so Bellingham will try to be maintained.

New Contract
According to the report, Dortmund are currently working on keeping the midfielder.

They will provide a new contract with a large value so that the midfielder does not turn away.