Ryujin ITZY Answers This When Asked To Choose Karina Or Winter As His Favorite AESPA Member


Considering ITZY And AESPA’s Growing Friendship, It’s Not Surprising That A Fan Asked Ryujin To Vote For Her Favorite AESPA Member During A Fansign Video Call.

Not only once did ITZY and AESPA members show their close friendship. Recently, ITZY fans didn’t even hesitate to ask Shin Ryujin to choose between two AESPA members who are close to him, Karina and Winter .

Before this, Yeji and Karina had gone viral several times because of their adorable friendship. Ryujin and Karina were even caught up in dating rumors which Ryujin responded to during the live broadcast.

“Dating? I mean, I call her jagi (baby). I don’t usually call people jagi but I use jagi for Chaeryeong & Jimin unnie (Karina). And Jimin unnie and I have made snow ducks together before…and snow bears too, ‘ Ryujin said at the time.

Chaeryeong explained that ITZY and Aespa first met because they shared an elevator on ” Music Core “. Although initially awkward, Chaeryeong revealed that they quickly became closer.

At Dream Concert 2021, ITZY bought watermelon juice aespa to strengthen their friendship, although when the time came to give gifts, Chaeryeong was so embarrassed that she made excuses.

In the past, Ryujin has revealed that he is very close to Karina, Winter, and Giselle . He also showed how close they were by calling the three idols by their real names (Minjeong, Jimin, Aeri), not stage names.

Ryujin even went viral for staying on stage for a moment to celebrate aespa’s victory for “Savage.” In addition, ITZY recently joined aespa for the TikTok challenge “Girls”, further showing off their adorable friendship.

Considering ITZY and AESPA’s growing friendship, it’s not surprising that a fan asked Ryujin to vote for her favorite AESPA member during a fansign video call. Although Ryujin laughed at first, instead of answering questions, he ended up choosing Karina as the member he was closest to.

“You did well with aespa on TikTok today,” said the fan, to which Ryujin responded with a thank you. The fan continued, “Also, if you only chose one person between Karina and Winter, who would you choose?” Ryujin laughed before finally answering, “Jimin unnie .” . . . . .