Ryan Reynolds Efficient Talking About Deadpool 3, Makes Fans More Curious


Ryan Reynolds estimates that Marvel Studios is currently preparing something to share with fans.
Ryan Reynolds is currently in the middle of promoting his new film The Adam Project. The topic of Deadpool apparently cannot be far away from him, so even though he is promoting a different film, Ryan Reynolds is still being asked about Deadpool.
Of course Marvel Studios forbids the actors to open their voices about their latest project. Especially now that Deadpool has been confirmed to enter the Marvel Cinematic Universe. In a conversation with Collider, Ryan Reynolds said that the Deadpool 3 script was being worked on and rumors of shooting in 2022 had surfaced.

However, since then there has been no additional information about the sequel to the superhero film. The director who will direct Deadpool 3 has not yet been announced, even if there is no release date yet.

Quoted from Collider, Ryan Reynolds said that currently Marvel Studios is preparing something to share with fans.

“There will be new information sooner or later, I hope,” said Ryan Reynolds.

While not giving certainty, because maybe he shouldn’t talk too much, Ryan Reynolds gives a glimmer of hope that there will be something from Marvel Studios about Deadpool 3.

“So I’ll be able to talk about Deadpool more and more clearly after that.”

Previously around August 2021, Ryan Reynolds gave a leak about the Deadpool 3 script.

You have to have plenty of time to work on it and I did it with Lizzie Moly-neux-Loeglin and Wendy Molyneux, and it’s been amazing so far. They’re really talented and very, very smart. They understand the universe and know how to surprise people when other people expect different things. Yes, writing this script was so much fun!” he said.

Until now even Marvel has not spoken about Deadpool 3. Especially after Fox is under the same ownership as Marvel, namely Disney and the way for Deadpool to enter the MCU is also open.

What is certain is that Deadpool will enter the MCU. While the Deadpool 3 plot is still being closed, Ryan Reynolds gave a prediction when filming would begin.

“We are actively developing the story and preparing to make this film even better. What month is it now? August? Oh maybe next year? Yes, most likely. Approximately 70 percent,” he said last year.