Russian team Virtus.Pro Threatened with Disqualification from Gamers Galaxy Tournament


The global impact of the “friction” that occurred between Russia and Ukraine did not only have an impact on national security, but also reached the realm of esports. This happened at an event called Galaxy Gamers: Invitational Series Dubai 2022.

One of the participants, namely Virtus.Pro (VP) is threatened with disqualification from the event. The problem refers to the conditions of the war that occurred. The connection is that the organizer of Gamers Galaxy is WePlay which is an organization from Ukraine.

This case began when the VP was collected by the organizers when they arrived at the tournament location. The organizers visited them and gave an ultimatum to the VP players that they had to make an official statement about the war between Russia and Ukraine.

Something like this “you have to make a statement about the conditions of Ukraine, or you will be disqualified.” VP’s management clearly refused, they argued that they came to Dubai to compete in an esports tournament. Regardless of the current issue.

An official statement was made by the VP. In their official website, they explain that they will not support any war that occurs, be it in Ukraine or other countries and remain neutral.

They will still wear the VP uniform at the event, even though WePlay has its own interests in their opinion. Even if later disqualified, the VP seems to be sincere as long as their organization does not fall into the coercion given by the organizers.

Because according to VP, the statement requested by WePlay will not lead to peace. Instead, it creates a deeper dispute. Therefore, for now they chose to remain silent and would speak when it was necessary and not out of mere emotional outburst.