Rumors about Venom’s solo film project keep rolling


It is capable of manipulating and absorbing the genetic information of its host. The alien symbiote, finally, strayed to Earth after being told to “ride” a meteor that fell from “Vì người phụ nữ ấy” outer space.

Arriving on Earth, Venom then attaches to Spider-Man’s body. Therefore, Venom is then told to have the same abilities as Spider-Man. Namely, abilities that were originally “Rurouni Kenshin The Beginning” only possessed by the Spider-Man: Like sticking and crawling on walls, pulling out webs, and having strength and agility that exceeds ordinary humans.

After a while, Venom is then told to be separated from “Tân phong thần Na Tra trùng sinh” Peter Parker, aka Spider-Man, and then became “famous”. To be exact, since taking possession of the body of Peter’s co-worker: Eddie Brock. Who also works as a photojournalist. In addition, the symbiote has also possessed the bodies of Mac Gargan, aka The Scorpion, and Peter’s school friend: Flash Thompson.

On the big screen, the character Venom first appeared in Tobey “Những chàng trai năm ấy Mãi yêu” Maguire’s Spider-Man 3 (2007). In the film, it is said, after leaving Peter Parker, as in the Marvel comic version, he also acquired the body of a lousy photographer: Eddie Brock. The one played by Topher Grace was.

Since his first appearance “The 8th Night” in the live-action Spider-Man 3 film earlier, rumors about a Venom solo film project have continued to roll. And, finally, after a long time, the rumor has come true in 2018. By carrying the main star of a mother’s idol actor: Tom Hardy. Who plays Eddie Brock.

In the final trailer for Venom, which was released at the end “Army Of The Dead” of last July, Eddie Brock (Tom Hardy), a journalist from the Daily Bugle, is investigating the Life Foundation. A foundation suspected of conducting illegal experiments. Which involves a symbiote from outer space. Is Dr. Carlton Drake (Riz Ahmed), a scientist who examines the interaction of the mysterious symbiote with humans. His mission is to create creatures with super powers.

In the Marvel comic series, Venom: Lethal Protector (1993), it is said that the Life Foundation managed to create five super “A Classic Horror Story” soldiers. Meanwhile, this Venom movie trailer only shows two symbiote creatures in a tube. So, until now, it is not known whether the five symbiotes will appear or not.

Okay. Back to Eddie Brock. In this Venom film, it is said that while conducting an “Lãng khách Kenshin Hồi kết” investigation at the Life Foundation, he was attacked by a creature who was the subject of an experiment. Some sources believe that the creature that attacked Brock was Scream.

After being infected by an alien symbiote from the Life Foundation, it is said, slowly, Eddie Brock’s physical changes. Starting from hearing strange voices “Chernobyl Abyss” in his head, his eyes darkening, to, finally, his entire body turning into Venom. The Jet Black Monster. Then, after a while, despite initially resisting, finally, Brock and the symbiote were able to unite.

In the Venom trailer that was released some time ago, the phrase “We are Venom” was the opening. In addition, there is also a scene where Venom catches a robber at the convenience store, then devours “Thiếu tá Grom Bác sĩ bệnh dịch” it as a snack! In accordance with the tagline of this film: “The world has enough superheroes.”