Roy Keane defends Cristiano Ronaldo, mentions 2 MU players whose behavior is worse

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Roy Keane had an argument with fellow former Manchester United ( MU ) player, Gary Neville, Sunday (23/10/2022). The former midfielder defended Cristiano Ronaldo.

Erik ten Hag as Manchester United manager punished Cristiano Ronaldo by eliminating him in the match against Chelsea. The Portuguese superstar was also fined Rp. 17 billion.

The reason is, Ronaldo lost when the MU versus Tottenham match was not over. Erik ten Hag also stated that the former Real Madrid player refused to play.

Cristiano Ronaldo then disappeared from the hallway of Old Trafford and did not return to the dressing room after Manchester United ‘s match against Tottenham Hotspur.

Keane put on body Ronaldo’s former teammate at Manchester United, Rio Ferdinand also played a part in the star’s return. Together with other former United colleagues, he advised Ronaldo not to go to Manchester City because it would damage his history and status at Old Trafford.

Roy Keane , as MU’s iconic midfielder who is also one of the most respected players, defends Cristiano Ronaldo. He had an argument with Gary Neville.

“Gary, there are players at United who do much worse than Ronaldo did,” Keane told Neville, after the former United defender said Ronaldo should leave the club.

“Where do you want me to start? Paul Scholes, great player let me finish. He refused to play at Manchester United.”

“He was not reprimanded. While Ronaldo was fined for the same thing, Scholes stayed with the team. Who else? Rio Ferdinand failed a drug test, he was then banned for eight months.

Fines and Sanctions Prohibition from Competing 7. Rio Ferdinand – The most expensive player Sir Alex Ferguson ever brought to Old Trafford was Rio Ferdinand. The strong fortress was recruited by the Red Devils from Leeds United in the summer of 2002 with a price tag of 41.4 million pounds, or around Rp. 784 billion.

It’s interesting to hear what Keane has to say. The public seems to have forgotten the black stain of Rio Ferdinand in 2003.

Ferdinand missed a drug test so the federation and Manchester United gave a fine and a ban from playing. However, the frenetic news was not as big as Ronaldo got.

Sir Alex Ferguson also continued to communicate well and immediately made Ferdinand the main defender after the penalty ended.