Rowoon Returns Through Tomorrow’s Drama, Airing April 1

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Rowoon SF9’s action will be seen again in the near future. He will star in a Korean fantasy genre drama titled Tomorrow.
Rowoon will compete in roles with Kim Hee Seon to Lee Soo Hyuk. Tomorrow tells the story of an unemployed man who becomes half human and half spirit by accident.

He was then hired as a new member of the death squad to carry out a special mission.

Ahead of its release, Tomorrow released the first trailer. In the trailer, the audience can see the tension in this drama.

When the gates of the immortals open, the grim reaper performs his action through riveting battles. It also shows the extraordinary ability to stop time to help humans.

Together with the grim reapers, Choi Jun Woong, played by Rowoon , joins in embarking on a mission. They must save people who want to end their lives.

How exciting is Rowoon Cs’ action?

Tomorrow is director Kim Tae Yoon’s first Korean drama. Previously, he directed more films such as New Trial to Mr. Zoo: The Missing VIP.

To work on this series, he collaborated with director Sung Chi Wook. Webcomic writers Ra Ma and Kim Yoo Jin are lined up as scriptwriters.

Tomorrow will be aired for 16 episodes starting April 1, 2022. The drama can be watched on Netflix.

Tomorrow is Rowoon ‘s first project in 2022. Last year, he stole attention through two Korean dramas, She Would Never Know and The King’s Affection. This drama is also Lee Soo Hyuk’s first Korean drama in 2022 after the success of 2021 through Doom at Your Service.