Ronaldinho and Thiago Silva call Maldini the best defender of all time


Former and former Brazil national team players, Ronaldinho and Thiago Silva, have great admiration for Paolo Maldini who they call the best defender in the world.

There is no doubt that the name Paolo Maldini is one who is considered a legend by the world community, especially football lovers.

Starting his professional career in 1978, Maldini spent his time at the San Siro with AC Milan until 2009.

Recorded more than 56,000 minutes Maldini played on the gridiron with AC Milan in 647 matches in the Italian League and managed to score 29 goals and 28 assists.

This record has made Maldini one of the most played players in the Italian League in history.

After deciding to retire in 2009, Maldini’s name is still being discussed by various parties, both former players and those who are still actively playing.

Recently former and Brazilian national team players, Ronaldinho and Thiago Silva expressed their admiration for Paolo Maldini as the best defender in the world.

Ronaldinho who spoke to ESPN Mexico admitted that he felt lucky to be able to face a player of the caliber of Paolo Maldini in his prime.

“For me Paolo Maldini has always been the best defender ever and I was lucky enough to play with him,” said Ronaldinho, who also played for AC Milan.

“Today for me, Maldini is a great friend, and it is a great joy because he has always been a real idol for me.”

Next there is Thiago Silva who wants to emulate the integrity of Paolo Maldini who is able to play until the age of 40.

Thiago Silva wants to imitate Maldini
Thiago Silva, who once led AC Milan to the 2010/11 scudetto, is preparing his body and mind to be able to play as long as possible in the highest competition, like Maldini.

“I hope to do as Maldini did at Milan: play until 40-41 years. This is my plan for the near future and I am preparing for it,” said Thiago Silva.

“Many activities that I do at home such as physical exercise and now I have a better diet than before,” he added.

Thiago Silva himself is currently 37 years old and does not appear to be in a hurry to retire.

Thiago Silva’s performance at Chelsea is also still very promising, as evidenced by coach Thomas Tuchel’s belief in him as a core player.

Meanwhile, Paolo Maldini has become technical director at the club that made his name, AC Milan.

The breakthroughs taken by Maldini made AC Milan towards a significant change after several years of struggling with economic difficulties.

His transfer policy has also received a lot of praise from football observers for insisting that the club is above all, even the mainstay players don’t get a loophole.

This was evident from several players at AC Milan who chose not to extend the contract because Maldini firmly rejected a salary increase which was thought to be burdensome for the club.

For example, Gianluigi Donnarumma and Hakan Calhanoglu, who finally left the San Siro for free after their salary demands did not get approval from Maldini.

Now ahead of the 2021/22 season ending, AC Milan is also certain to lose one of its important pillars, Franck Kessie.

Maldini’s Violent Policy
Just like the case of Donnarumma and Calhanoglu, Maldini did not want to comply with Kessie’s desire to increase his salary significantly and preferred to look for new, affordable players.

Actually Maldini has offered a new contract with a salary increase to Kessie, but the agent asked AC Milan a much higher fee.

On this basis, AC Milan had to let Kessie leave the San Siro without leaving a penny for the Rossoneri. Now Franck Kessie has reportedly signed a deal with the Spanish La Liga giants.