Roman Abramovich has agreed to pay Chelsea £ 30 million, despite government sanctions


Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich has now been allowed to contribute around £ 30 million to the club, despite sanctions imposed by the British government.

The Blues were put up for sale by Abramovich in early March, a week before the sanction.

However, he can now make a financial contribution to the club as the admissions process continues.

The government amended the blues’ license at the beginning of the sanctions and allowed the current owner to invest in the club to keep them for the rest of the season.

The amended license now states: “Under this license, a Parent may pay up to £ 30,000,000.00 to the Club in respect of cash flows or liquidity issues the Club may face, subject to the following conditions.”

As part of the British government’s sanctions, Abramovich’s assets were seized, which affected the club’s work.

Another change is that Chelsea can now sell tickets to Champions League and FA Cup games, but not at home to Premier League games, although outside fans can do so.

Raine Group, which oversees Chelsea’s sales, is ready to publish a shortlist of bidders for the next stage of the process.

Some parties have failed, with Saudi media outlets reporting that they are not on the list, as well as New York Jets owner Woody Johnson.

“However, we have to be prepared for any situation. It is important that the new owners of the club trust the base of supporters and understand the values ​​we support. Therefore, the strength of feelings for him.

“CST would like to thank the Ricketts family for meeting us this week. We have challenged them on all the issues that fans are concerned about. However, on behalf of our various fans, we are concerned about their ability to run an inclusive, successful club.

They have to do it openly and they have to do it urgently. If they fail to do so and gain the trust of Chelsea fans, the CST Board does not believe it will be in the best interests of our members and the Chelsea fans’ desire to succeed.

In response, Tom Rickets said: “My family and I are very grateful to the team of fans and fans who took the time to meet with us this week and share their passion and concerns for Chelsea. the best interests of the club.

“We have listened to all of your comments, including the confidence of Chelsea fans, and we are pleased that the door is still open to show that we are committed to working with fans to protect the club’s legacy. We need to redouble our efforts and manage the club with diversity and inclusion at its heart. ”