Roles in Light Copying Film, Screening at Busan Film Festival


Umpteenth time director talented, Wregas Bhanuteja, boasts Indonesian film with his film work rippers Light or The Photocopier . This film is officially entered into the 2021 Busan International Film Festival competition which will be held from 6-15 October 2021.

Raising an unusual topic, this film discusses the issue of sexual violence . With many talented young stars, The Photocopier will focus on a character named Sur, played by Shenina Cinnamon.

Many are excited about the film, for that there is no harm in getting acquainted with the 4 cast of the film Copying Cahaya below.


1. Shenina Cinnamon
The actress whose full name is Shenina Syawalita Cinnamon was chosen as the main character in this film. Playing a character named Sur, this film’s conflict will begin with Sur’s story, who accidentally gets a drunk selfie that goes viral after his college theater victory party. Having a warrior character, Sur is described as an independent figure who is willing to fight for justice.


2. Chicco Kurniawan
The actor who has starred in the films Dear Nathan and Danur 3 plays Amin in the film Copying Cahaya. Amin’s character is Sur’s childhood friend and works as a campus photocopier. This character will be Sur’s helper and find out what really happened to Sur on the night of his college theater victory party.


3. Lutesha
This Indonesian-Dutch blooded actress plays a character named Farah, who is a student and friend of Sur. In this film, Farah will have a past story that bothers her, until now. Trying to be strong in living her life, Farah is also described as a strong figure but has a lot of bitterness, seen from the look in her eyes.

4. Jerome Kurnia
This is not the time for actor Jerome Kurnia to act on the big screen, this actor has starred in many popular films such as Bumi Manusia to Dilan 1991. Jerome plays Tariq, a student and friend of Sur. According to Jerome, his character in this film really liked because he tried the totality and drained his emotions to explore.