Robin Hood Hitting His Target? Our review


Extremely popular character and many times adapted in different formats – even in video games – Robin Hood returns to squat the big screen. This time, it is under the guise of Taron Egerton that the famous archer, accompanied of course by Petit Jean and the beautiful Marianne, comes to shoot his arrows in a version that does not skimp on the action. What makes us forget the iconic film of the 90s or the more recent rereading of Ridley Scott?

The story of Robin de Loxley, who was brought to become Robin Hood, the man who stole from the rich to give to the poor, is no longer a mystery to anyone. This new adaptation takes up the basics while transforming the legend enough so that we do not have a slight feeling of déjà vu. We are reassured, that in no way distorts the hero, even if we can understand that certain biases make some purists tilt – including fans of Prince of Thieves Kevin Costner (which will remain one of the best adaptations, let’s face it).

In short, all that to say that this dear Lord of Loxley spins here the perfect love with his Marianne before the sheriff of Nottingham sends him on a crusade. On his return, he is believed to be dead, his girlfriend left and his property was confiscated. He has a lot on the potato and with the help of a Moorish chief, he will fight against the power in place.

Here is a quick summary of what awaits you in this rereading which takes the opposite view of Ridley Scott with Russell Crowe who wanted to be more verbose: here the action takes precedence over the useless blah. After all, as we told you above, the idea is not so much to reinvent the powder as to make it a little new for the new generation.

Robin Hood, prince of explosions
Before being Robin Hood (in its original language), we will therefore speak of Robin The Hood, the hooded as it is called in this Nottingham. Kind of Arrow (if you follow the series) of the Middle Ages, our hero shoots his arrows faster than his shadow and shovels the guard in spades in explosive slow motion. For his first big Hollywood production, Otto Bathurst – a regular on the small screen – does not skimp on the grandiloquent effects to keep his viewer awake.

We are not going to lie to each other, we have already seen this countless times and during several sequences, we have the feeling that the director has pumped a little a little on his neighbors … without having the capacity (for those who had). Is it serious doctor ?

Not really in reality, it will always depend on what we are looking for in theaters. The eager spectator of twirling choreographies straight out of a video game – a scene will even be particularly thought of a part of Call of Duty – will find it easily.

We can not deny the entertaining side of the thing with the rhythm of the film which never weakens, its destructible sets and its extras which take full head. And when the mines – the poor part of town – turn into a remake of Ben-Hur, it’s hard to say the show isn’t guaranteed. The specifications of the action film are fulfilled, and no matter if the scenario shows big flaws, we can move on.

Taron Taron petit patapon
And then nothing to do, we like our Taron Egerton. Even when he is not very credible as a young lord and despite his lack of chemistry with his partner Eve Hewson, when it comes to being physical, the Kingsman knows how to respond. He does not have the charisma of a Costner or the talent of a Crowe, but he does not lack charm or the desire to put us in our eyes. For the record, the actor has trained hard in the arc to perfect his role and we can not deny that it is seen on the screen.

At his side, Jamie Foxx plays us Morgan Freeman with a pinch of Anthony Hopkins in The Mask of Zorro. His duet with the young archer works well despite some liberties in the writing of the character of Little Jean who will raise a few hairs. Too bad that opposite, Ben Mendelsohn now remains in the self-parody of the villain, a role from which he seems to have trouble getting out, and that Jamie Dornan does not really know what he is doing there. Fortunately, the whole is homogeneous enough so that we do not excessively feel the writing weaknesses of such or such a character. And we will console ourselves by telling ourselves that the essential is elsewhere.