Roberto Mancini Ensures Giacomo Raspadori and Moise Kean Have a Chance in the Italian National Team


The Italian national team won a landslide victory 5-0 over Lithuania in the European zone 2022 World Cup Qualification Group C match, Thursday (9/9/2021) early morning WIB. Moise Kean and Giacomo Raspadori played a big role in the victory.

Gli Azzurri recorded another positive result with a landslide victory over Lithuania at Mapei Stadium. Moise Kean scored two goals in this match, while the other three goals were scored by Giacomo Raspadori, Giovanni Di Lorenzo and an own goal by Edgaras Utkus.

The brilliance of the two young Italian players cannot be separated from the important role of Roberto Mancini. The Italian national team coach did not hesitate to give confidence to young players to appear at international level.

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“We’ve brought Raspadori at the Euros. We saw his quality, but he’s still young and needs to gain experience. Of course, it all depends on their thinking and ability,” said Roberto Mancini as reported by Italian Football .

However, they can get their chances,” said coach of the Italian national team ‘s.

Kudos to Gli Azzurri
The Italian national team won a big victory even without several main players in this match. However, the players who got the opportunity in the match against Lithuania were able to show a good performance.

“Despite losing a lot of players in the last few days, the reaction of the players was good. Indeed, the opponent is not the best quality team, but you can’t always score five or six goals. So the players performed well,” said Mancini.

In this match, Roberto Mancini did lose several important players, such as Leonardo Bonucci and Stefano Sensi. This led Mancini to entrust Jorginho as captain in this match, which saw him wearing the Gli Azzurri armband for the first time.

Continuing Positive Trend
A landslide victory over Lithuania also ensured the Italian national team extended their positive trend of unbeaten in 37 matches.

In the previous match, where Gli Azzurri drew with Switzerland, the Italian national team had recorded a record as the team with the longest unbeaten streak, which was 36 matches.

The 36-game unbeaten streak means Italy surpassed Brazil’s stellar record from 1993 to 1996, which was 35 games unbeaten, a number that Spain also made from 2007 to 2009.

However, now Italy extends it through a win against Lithuania. The last time Italy lost was on November 10, 2018. At that time, the Italian national team surrendered 0-1 to Portugal in the UEFA Nations League match.

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