Robert Pattinson Repeats Val Kilmer’s Batman Voice


Even so, Robert Pattinson was able to show different things in ‘The Batman’

You must be familiar with the distinctive voice in Bruce Wayne’s alter, Batman, and Robert Pattinson repeats the same type of voice as Val Kilmer’s Batman.

Robert Pattinson was about to make his debut by taking over from “Dark Knight”, but unknowingly reprising the voice of Batman from Val Kilmer. Matt Reeves uncovered ‘ The Batman ‘ to be a noir detective story, setting it apart from all previous depictions of ‘Caped Crusader’. However, Pattinson’s desire to create a unique Batman voice was already tried in 1995’s Batman.

Pattinson’s role is still relatively new to crime-fighting, with ‘ The Batman ‘ set during his second year operating in Gotham. He tackles serial killer Riddler (Paul Dano), who targets corrupt city officials and uncovers secrets about the Wayne family.

Meanwhile, Joel Schumacher’s ‘Batman Forever’ sees his more experienced hero reluctant to team up with Robin (Chris O’Donnell) to defeat the more experienced Two-Face (Tommy Lee Jones) and Riddler (Jim Carrey).

Robert Pattinson revealed when he was on Jimmy Kimmel Live, there will be three different portrayals of Batman in ‘The Batman’ 2022. Pattinson wanted to give Batman a louder voice, but that didn’t match the dark tone of the film.

This voice has also been tried on Val Kilmer’s version of Batman which uses a different tone of voice so low that his co-stars can’t understand what he’s saying. Pattinson notes how most Batman actors use a “rough, husky” tone.

The Batman star’s idea for a much softer voice is interesting, but not as original as he thought. Pattinson was told Christian Bale also tried a similar sound approach, before switching to Batman’s growling voice.

An underrated Batman Forever portrays the hero in a much clearer tone than usual, with Kilmer’s gentle demeanor more suited to Bruce Wayne than his Batman alters. Batman Kilmer’s voice is only slightly louder than Bruce’s. This causes problems with his co-stars, who even struggle to hear his voice.

While promoting ‘Batman & Robin’, Chris O’Donnell revealed (via YouTube), that he struggled to understand Kilmer, especially while appearing on the sprawling Batcave set.

Some of the scenes being interrupted because the actors can’t hear Val Kilmer’s Batman is a pretty big deal, especially when Batman’s supposed action strikes deeper into the hearts of the villains. Kilmer’s calm voice did help to capture Bruce Wayne’s traumatized melancholy about his past. This is a stark contrast to Pattinson’s more serious, brutal and vengeful version of ‘The Batman’ to set it apart from Bruce Wayne’s charms.

The other side of ‘Batman Forever’, indeed aims to depict Bruce as he loses interest in fighting, forgetting why he became Batman. This characterization may have worked better in the unreleased ‘Schumacher Cut’, which should have been longer and offered a darker tone.

On the other hand, Robert Pattinson’s “whispering” Batman voice would probably have been an even worse mistake. Pattinson’s young Batman seems like he still needs to prove himself, so using a soft voice like that probably won’t achieve the desired effect when battling baddies.

Val Kilmer’s version of Batman isn’t particularly intimidating, but his serene, forlorn appearance at least stands apart from Christian Bale and Ben Affleck’s rudeness. Thankfully, Pattinson seems to have struck the right balance with a slightly louder but ominous voice that fits more Batman than Michael Keaton.