RM BTS Feels In Vain To Praise Jin’s Good Looks, How Come?


BTS Recently Released Footage From Their 2021 FESTA Family Portrait Photoshoot, And Everyone Looked Amazing During The Photoshoot, Especially The Handsome Jin.

Jin ‘s handsome visuals not only captivate fans, but are also admired by other BTS ( Bangtan Boys ) members. RM ( Rap Monster ) is one of the members who never gets tired of praising the handsomeness of his eldest brother in the group.

BTS recently released footage from their FESTA Family Portrait 2021 shoot, and everything looked amazing during the shoot. The members couldn’t stop praising each other about how cool and handsome they were in the photos.

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While waiting for his own individual photo shoot, RM watched Jin pose for the photo. Like the rest of the world, the leader was blown away by how handsome the Worldwide Handsome was.

When he saw Jin, RM said, “Jin hyung! You are so handsome. You look so handsome in your photos.” Jin asked, “I’m handsome?” and RM just answered “yes.”

The owner of the name Kim Seokjin then cheerfully replied, “I’m never not handsome in the morning.” Usually people will be embarrassed or pretend not to admit that they are handsome when complimented. But that didn’t apply to Jin, and he didn’t lie.

RM himself is used to Jin’s confidence. He seemed to have expected Jin’s answer to be like that. “The answer is always the same, so I don’t feel like I’m praising him anymore.”

Although in vain, RM still tried to compliment Jin again when he saw him taking a selfie next to the monitor showing his FESTA portrait. RM asked, “What, you took a photo with a celebrity?”

This time, Jin pretended not to hear him and continued to take pictures of himself. Although indifferent to RM’s praise for his visuals, Jin of course really appreciates it.

Meanwhile, BTS will greet fans through the online concert “Permission to Dance On Stage” on October 24. Then they will hold an offline concert for four days in Los Angeles in November and December.

Fans Ragu RM BTS Jujur Soal Tinggi Badannya Usai Lihat Foto-Foto Ini

Fans Doubt RM BTS Is Honest About His Height After Seeing These Photos

Despite What It Says On Google, RM’s Height Is Definitely Not Just 5’11” (180 Cm). Until Recently, The BTS Leader Himself Claimed To Be At Least 6 Feet Tall.

For years, fans have believed that the majority of BTS ( Bangtan Boys ) members are not too tall because their height is under 183 cm. While that’s still true, there is one member (6ft) who fans now believe is over 183cm tall.

Fans have long suspected that RM ( Rap Monster ) is taller than he claims. When compared to Suga who is 176 cm tall, RM looks like a giant next to him. Plus, the BTS leader also exercises a lot.

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Despite what it says on Google, RM’s height is definitely not just 5’11” (180 cm). Until recently, RM himself claimed to be at least 6 feet tall. In Vanity Fair’s “BTS Game Show”, they questioned the members about each other.When asked about RM’s best features, he answered his height.

Because I’m 6 feet tall. I’m 180cm. Among the members, that’s… Maybe the only big advantage I have, said RM. So, now, we know for sure that he is at least 6 feet tall, which would explain a lot.

But in BTS’s photo with Coldplay vocalist Chris Martin ahead of their collaboration single “My Universe,” some questions arise once again about RM’s height. Chris Martin is famous for being quite a tall man due to his 6’1″ (approximately 185 cm) height. However, RM somehow makes not only the 5’9″ (175 cm) member look short, but Chris Martin as well.

Then let’s look back at BTS on ” The Late Late Show with James Corden ” for more evidence. Sure, pretty much anything can make host James Corden look short, but that’s not the focus here.

On the same night that BTS performed at the event, American actor Ashton Kutcher also made a guest appearance. They even played hide and seek together. Ashton Kutcher is said to have been said to be 6’2″ or 6’3″ (190 cm) tall. Seeing RM and Ashton Kutcher standing next to each other, and considering they both also wore heels, there doesn’t seem to be much of a height difference between the two.

In fact, it seems like all the members might actually grow taller. V’s official height has always been 5’10” (175 cm), but in a live broadcast last year, he said his height was 5’11” or 180 cm. So it’s possible that RM forgot that he was actually really tall. How high do you think RM really is?