Rinnegan to Mangekyou, Sasuke Uchiha’s Strongest Jutsu in the Boruto Series


Why is Sasuke’s Rinnegan different in the Boruto series?

The reason why Sasuke’s Rinnegan is different from the others is because he didn’t awaken it naturally, but was given as a gift by Hagoromo’s spirit when he was dead. Therefore, the awakened eternal Mangekyou Sharingan evolves into the Rinnegan and retains all of its original abilities along with the new one.

However, when Sasuke’s chakra reserves drop to a certain level, Tomoe disappears and the Rinnegan becomes more used due to its effectiveness. During the Shinobi War, Sasuke fulfilled certain requirements set by Hagoromo Otsutsuki. That’s why, he received half of his chakra and awakened the Rinnegan in his left eye for a total of six Tomoe.

This Rinnegan was developed from the pre-existing immortal Mangekyou Sharingan. Thus the Rinnegan also retains its original and new powers.

Can Sasuke deactivate his Rinnegan?

Unlike the Sharingan, Sasuke’s Rinnegan is permanently active and cannot return to its original state. Even so, this did not affect his stamina or chakra.

He could only deactivate Tomoe. Therefore, the Rinnegan’s power can be reduced, but not disabled.

What other powers and abilities can Sasuke use?

The Rinnegan has unusually strong chakra and has enormous visual power. The Rinnegan can see chakra and its flow within the body as well as invisible barriers.

Possessing the Rinnegan allows one to quickly master any jutsu as well as all five basic realm transformations. This is the only doujutsu that can completely decipher the stone tablets of the Six Paths.

Sasuke’s Rinnegan is unique and has many skills. One of them is pattern recognition. This helps him to analyze patterns in the code and decipher what is written by comparing them to similar patterns.

How about the Mangekyou?

Sasuke had awakened the Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan during the Shinobi World War. After receiving half of Hagoromo’s chakra, the Sharingan in his left eye evolved into the Rinnegan.

Sasuke’s Rinnegan differs from the normal Rinnegan in that he has not lost his Mangekyou Sharingan. Instead, its power is formed as six Tomoe on the Rinnegan ring.

Likewise, Sasuke’s Rinnegan was still able to access his left Mangekyou Sharingan techniques and skills.