[[REVIEW]] How the “Lost City” Is a Treasure To Be Found


Lost City is a film co-written by Adam and Aaron Nee and co-written by Paramount Pictures. Novelist Lorretta Sage (Sandra Bullock) feels stuck; she is increasingly ill from her very successful romantic novels, and the grief of her husband’s death threatens to engulf her completely.

Lorretta is abducted by wealthy Abigail Fairfax (Daniel Radcliffe) on a press tour for her latest book, Lost City D (also the film’s original title). Fairfax believes that the key to the lost treasure is in Loretta’s books and wants her to help him find it. Loretta’s book cover model, Alan (Channing Tatum), is tasked with saving – the difficulty is that he is not ready to defend her and he sees her as a symbol of all the mistakes in his life.

The adventure film is slowly making a comeback, and movies like Jungle Cruise and Uncharted provide a lot of excitement and chemistry among its directors – at least the Jungle Cruise does. Together with fellow writers Orien Uziel, Dana Fox, and Seth Gordon, the Nees (who invented the story) fully understand the tropes of the genre and how to break them. He is usually overpowered by a man who is in charge and has a lot of skill. Usually, a stressed woman turns out to be very resourceful and intelligent. There are even twists and turns around the artifact that I try not to break, but it fits perfectly with the main themes of the love that takes place in the film.

When it comes to love, the main plot of the film and the main thing that continues it is the chemistry between Bullock and Tatum. Bullock is no stranger to wild twists in the genre or working as part of a bizarre couple, as fans of The Proposal and The Heat confirm. But in “Lost City“, he plays Loretta more emotionally than his previous characters. This is a woman who loves to spend the night in the bathroom with a glass of chardonnay and is ready to close the book about a successful series, despite the advice of publicist Betty (Da’Vine Joy Randolph).

Tatum has the opportunity to enter full chembo mode here and he is passionate about it; Although he can’t equalize his opponents in hand-to-hand combat, he tries to bring Loretta his favorite food and much more reasonable shoes for the jungle. The duo also take part in some funny moments, including Tatum being frightened when lizards cling to her back, and Bullock shakes off a bright purple knit jumpsuit for half of the film.

Make no mistake, Lost City is an action comedy that covers both halves of the equation. Alan’s attempt to enter the Fairfax camp and rescue Loretta is not so heated, as he is not equal to the trained mercenaries guarding the borders. Ten years after Alan’s motorcycle was used in the chase scene, the muffler is broken and he is traveling at a speed of about 20 miles per hour. In the most ridiculous part, when Loretta throws a gun at Alan, he pushes her instead of holding her. What makes this work is the speed of the tempo; In two hours, the film knows how to tell its main stories to the audience to invest in the event.

One aspect of the film that could divide the audience is Radcliffe’s role as Fairfax. Personally, I think he works well in playing the role of a rich white man who is unconnected and keeps moving forward as the film progresses. Viewers may wonder why this “Lost City” adventure is the only element of the genre, but Radcliffe pushes his teeth into the role and is part of the scenery.

As a page, Randolph takes on a personal plot that sets him on a journey to the island where City D is located; It’s part of the film that can use some elements. I don’t want to spoil Brad Pitt’s role in the film, but Nees uses it perfectly.

The lost city is a very interesting reef in the genre of adventure / romance, thanks to the chemistry between Sandra Bullock and Channing Tatum. It’s a great movie for a night out, a great counter program for big blockbusters like Batman, and it’s a real surprise in terms of entertainment. If you want more movies to be like the 1999 version of The Mummy, or if you like Stone Romance, this movie is for you.

The world premiere of “Lost City” took place at SXSW 2022 and will premiere on March 25, 2022 in cinemas across the country.