Reviews Film Wonder Woman (2017)


One of the hallmarks of a good film (especially a superhero film ) for me is the feeling of excitement and inspiration after watching it. Wonder Womanis one of them. In a larger context, this film not only inspires the audience, but also becomes a new ‘hope’ for the DC Extended Universe (DCEU), which after Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Suicide Squad were heavily denounced by critics, became bleak. his future. In the midst of anticipation of Justice League (which is one of the mainstay films or the culmination of the DCEU), Wonder Woman appears like an oasis in the middle of an arid desert, refreshing fans (especially those who are not DC fanboys ), that there is still a ray of light for Justice League.

After going through a long process (even long before the DCEU concept began), finally the big screen film that features the most famous female superhero of all time has been successfully released. One thing that is an important point for this film is that the director is also a woman (which is very rare in the realm of superhero films or films based on comics). Patty Jenkins, who has successfully managed Monster but has been on hiatus for more than a decade from the director’s chair, is now back with a work that may become one of the landmarks of cinema with the superhero genre .. No doubt, a strong feminist nuance colors this film. Perhaps a touch of Patty Jenkins also giving another color after the style of Zack Snyder gloom in DC previous films start to degrade greget DCEU. And indeed, there are things that are beyond technical CGI as well as the excitement and excitement of action action, which are strong in this film and did not exist in previous DCEU films, namely intelligent and fitting humor, and inspiration.

In a world that is still patriarchal and the realm of cinema that relies on and satisfies the male gaze , actress Gal Gadot looks impressive as Wonder Woman. The blasphemy tone (which has a strong male gaze element ) when Gadot was first announced as the Wonder Woman actor, namely about Gadot’s disproportionate body as Wonder Woman as visualized in comics, can be answered with good acting and an elegant yet strong feminine aura. . Maybe the echo of feminism is felt from this side. The image of a superhero woman can still appear feminine, but does not sacrifice herself to be a male gaze . Although it must be admitted that Gadot is a beautiful actress in the face.

The background story that takes the setting World War I also became an interesting thing. World War I is not widely known because perhaps we have seen more of the themes surrounding World War II brought to the big screen. The excesses of war, as well as the causes of the war (which is not very clear in terms of World War I), are able to add an element of thought to the fabric of the story. And speaking of the storyline, this film would not have succeeded without the strong interaction between Gadot and Chris Pine. The combination of Gadot and Chris Pine (who plays Steve Trevor), who also appears impressive, builds the foundation of this film firmly. Not only the contrast between men and women, opposition things such as god-human, innocent-complicated, idealistic-realistic, weak-strong can be displayed beautifully and intelligently through the interaction of Gadot and Pine.

The appearance of Diana Prince in full costume as Wonder Woman for the first time in this film really makes us feel satisfied. I don’t remember if there is another superhero movie with a scene like this. The scene when he came out of the trenches on the front lines of World War I is sure to be remembered forever. The authority, innocence but also the might of a hero is displayed beautifully. Perhaps also because this film cleverly seduces and forces us to be patient until the perfect moment for Wonder Woman in her costume appears to rock the screen. This feeling can perhaps be compared to when the Rohirrim cavalry arrived at Pelennor Fields in The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King.. The action choreography and battle scenes presented are also very good and not boring. The selection of slow motion moments feels very fitting and gives a dramatic impression that is not overly exposed.

As critics generally say, the film’s weakness is evident at the end. Not enough surprises are shown. The figure of Ares, who could actually appear with more surprise elements , was not like that. However, overall we can understand and can digest the moral message as outlined in the film’s climactic moments.

In the end, Wonder Woman is a film that restores our faith in the goodness and love that remains in the midst of chaos and evil in this world. He also restored the fans’ trust in the DCEU. We look forward to the next Wonder Woman action in Justice League, and hopefully, a Wonder Woman sequel itself.