Reviews Film Get Out (2017)


Get Out is director Jordan Peele’s debut film. This film may not be very famous (there are no top actors in it), but it was shown in USA cinemas. Although not famous, this film is very good and provides something new.

Briefly, this film tells the story of an African-American named Chris who with his girlfriend, a white American, Rose Armitage, goes to visit Rose’s parents’ house. As a couple of different races, Chris carried a feeling of anxiety when he was about to go to Rose’s parents’ house. We know there is still racial prejudice in America, with a fairly dark history. But Rose’s parents turned out to be quite open and welcomed Chris warmly. Too warm though. And from here the tension of the story begins to build. There is something unusual behind the Armitage family. This is especially evident from the African Americans who work in the family. Their temperament is unnatural, unlike black people in general. Chris finally had to face a horror that he had never imagined before.

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This horror genre film is actually a satire (this was put forward by Peele himself) which symbolizes various stereotypes about black ethnicity, as well as a ‘face’ that seems to sympathize with them, when in fact it is not. We could go into more detail on each aspect of the symbolism, but this will lead to spoilers. Of course this cannot be done here. Apart from further reflection that we can do in appreciating this film, on the surface, it must be admitted that this film is very clever in building tension. The topics raised also seem fresh and new. The racial theme is actually a sensitive theme. I can’t imagine what would happen if a racially-themed film like this was made in Indonesia. But Get Out can be responded to maturely by the American public, because the satire that he put forward is very fitting.

As a horror spectacle, in addition to the cleverly constructed tension, several jump scares are also included in it. Likewise with the bloody sadistic scenes, even though they are not exploited in such a way. This film is more moving in terms of psychology and mysterious atmosphere to give the effect of tension. What actually happened gives us a strong attraction to continue listening to the story. There are not many horror films with this kind of strong storyline. This is where Get Out is more valuable.

The appearance of the two main actors is quite convincing. More value needs to be given to Daniel Kaluuya who plays Chris. Not only horror elements play a major role in this film. As a comedy director at first, Peele was able to insert some comedic elements as well, which was reflected in the character of Rod, Chris’ best friend. With these various supporting colors, this film displays an elegant and though-provoking tension.