Reviews Film Black Panther (2018)


Another film from the Marvel Cinematic Universe has been released, Black Panther. The film with the main star and almost all of the cast is black, this is the eighteenth film of the MCU. Eighteen! Hard to imagine, right? How films based on Marvel comics are able to transform into a magnificent universe, and not only survive, but also become high-quality films. This is certainly a phenomenon in itself in this century. Marvel’s biggest rival, DC, hasn’t been able to at least start the same thing. So, the achievement of Marvel, through the brilliance of the president of Marvel Studios, Kevin Feige, is truly an extraordinary achievement in the history of cinema, maybe even in the history of mankind.

As one of the bridges to the climax of the ‘first era’ of Avengers in the film, namely Avengers: Infinity War, which will also be released this year, Black Panther seems ‘different’ from other Marvel films. As a film that is dominated by black actors, with an African setting, and full of social, colonial and racism nuances, this film opens up new insights and new issues that might be described in a superhero film. So he seems to be separated from the Marvel world, and stands alone with his independent theme.

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Black Panther continues the story from Captain America: Civil War, namely after the death of T’Chaka, the king of Wakanda, the crown prince T’Challa continues his leadership as the king of Wakanda. Wakanda is described as very unique, it is a kingdom in Africa, but has a great blessing, namely the mines of vibranium, the most powerful metal in the world. With sophisticated technology, they are able to use vibranium to develop an advanced civilization. Black Panther’s costumes and powers were also obtained from vibranium and heart-shaped plants, then passed down from one king to his descendants. What is interesting is the ability of director Ryan Coogler to mix the modernity of Wakanda with the ritualistic side of African traditions. So we get a typical Wakanda picture, which is a utopian world that we may never have imagined.

Despite being advanced and powerful, Wakanda has traditionally shut itself off from the outside world. The reason is that they do not want to disrupt the world order with their military power which is vulnerable to abuse. This fragile reason is the starting point for the storyline to be built. Coupled with the internal conflict of the royal family, namely the arrival of an ‘uninvited enemy’ who wants to seize the throne, as well as the radical revolutionary concept – thwarting domination and imperialism against black people around the world – brought by the enemy, might make us have a long debate about collisions. this ideological collision. And, at the end of the film, he is well able to close with a middle ground, which mediates the ideological conflict. Wakanda are no longer closed off, nor do they need to be afraid of their technology being misused.

I like the colors that are presented in this film. The costumes of the players are very lively, without being overly impressed. The cinematography is extraordinary, gracefully blending the traditional side of Africa with the modern side of high technology. The music is also very tribal, with drum beats that always adorn the fight scenes. As a superhero film, of course, compelling action is a must. And Black Panther didn’t fail at this. Instead, various epic action scenes are beautifully displayed. The car chase sequences in Korea are also thrilling and captivating action action.

As a Marvel film, of course it would not be complete if this film was not spiced with comedy elements. And with the genius of this film is able to take advantage of the comedy moments brilliantly. Humor comes unexpectedly and at the perfect time.

But what impressed me the most was the journey of a T’Challa from a prince to a king. As the new leader, he was given a message by his father’s spirit that as a good-natured man, T’Challa would have a hard time leading. But after all the conflicts are resolved, at the end of the film, we find T’Challa able to show that this is not entirely true. He has become wiser and can become a leader without having to follow and imitate what his father has done. He found that it is not easy to be a leader, but a kind heart is not a hindering factor, but a supporting factor.