Reviewing the Ballon d’Or Voting, How Can Messi Win?


The Ballon d’Or has drawn criticism from netizens on social media. Many are confused as to why Lionel Messi can win, even though the public feels that Robert Lewandowski is more worthy of lifting the world’s oldest individual award.

Messi beat Lewandowski with a collection of 613 points. La Pulga is 33 points ahead of Lewandowski.

In individual achievements, Messi actually lost to Lewandowski. Only the Copa America trophy can be proud of Messi throughout 2021.

So, what is the Ballon d’Or scoring system?


30 best players presented : Initially, France Football as the initiator of the Ballon d’Or will issue the names of 30 players who are included in the main candidates. They are handpicked by the editorial team of France Football, one of the oldest football media in Europe.

After 30 names come out, journalists from various countries who have the right to vote will appoint their champions.

Journalists must name three players, who are deemed worthy of first, second and third place in the Ballon d’Or competition.

Then, enter the top five candidates : Winner not found in the top 30. Later, France Football again reduced the circle of candidates to five.

Those who enter the top five, will be lined up with an order of merit system. The selection process here is more complex because it will involve three categories, individual and team performance, player class (talent to fairplay), and player ratings throughout their careers.

Determination of the winner : Only then, when players enter the top five, they will be chosen by journalists with voting rights. Each must write three names, in order from top to bottom.

The first rank or choice, will get six points. Then, second place receives four points, then three, two, and one, for the top five. Later, these points will be accumulated and totaled to find the winner.

So what about those who have the same score? Whoever gets to the top the most will win. Then, if it is still a draw, there will be another election. If it’s still a draw, the France Football editorial team will do the assessment.