Reviewing Queendom’s Last Songs

Entertaiment, News

LOONA – Pose
Lina: LOONA has really grown the most on me throughout this show. I’m intrigued by them and hope this gets them flying. Although the Pose has a great pre-chorus, I’m not the biggest chorus fan, but I found it to have a great performance. We’ll see I’m tired of the music for the show.

Una: Solid verse but really underwhelming chorus, just said Lina, made with appearance in mind. I think LOONA shines the most when they use their fantastic vocals but the rest is like the rap-talking-attitude part fails because of that.

Kep1er – The Girls (Can’t Turn Me Down)
Una: I would say this sounds like Kep1er’s b-side but then I remember they gave us one of the best girl group b-sides of the year with MVSK and the song is way better than this. The Girls was interesting and I thought the performance would be good – the song has a lot of potential but I think it deserves a much better instrumental and hook because the unfamiliar signal sound that sometimes appears on the instrumental confuses me. The potential is there and Kep1er need to show everyone what they can do – hopefully through their next comeback. This song may grow in many people.

Lina: I’m interested to hear what the girls (lol) will bring to the table with a small discography, the possibilities for Kep1er are endless. It sounded like they decided to stay on track and it sounded like they knew. Even though the pre-chorus is good.

Hyolyn (Ft. Lee Young Ji) – Waka Boom (My Way)
Lina: It doesn’t feel like Hyolyn’s song but at the same time she’s channeling her inner 2022 girl group. He makes it sound great, but the title says a lot about what the song will be like. It also feels very distinctive like a song made for a show. “Waka waka boom boom…” sighed. The rap part is a bit smack.

Una: I was about to say I knew what this was going to sound like when I saw the title of the song. However, this is Hyolyn so it’s a lot more melody than attitude-based girl groups give this year. On the other hand, this sounds like KARD’s b-side and that’s not necessarily a bad thing but Hyolyn can do a lot more. I’m sure the performance for this will be great, so I’m glad to see it.

WJSN – Aura
Una: First of all very catchy and beautiful instrumental – finally real music to my ears. It’s very soft but also catchy and I love the occasional whistle that pops into the melody. The performance for this is sure to be stunning as it is definitely one of the three songs that have caught the attention of Queendom.

Lina: I’m always ready for new WJSN music, we’re not honest enough. The opening promises me to give me a very mysterious stage. I love how tight Aura’s back is. I can imagine what they would do and at least this sounds very true to WJSN. This could easily be a song in their existing discography. I love it, the chorus is amazing.

VIVZ – Red Sun!
Lina: This feels very GFriend/VIVIZ. I really like the vocals and I can imagine what the stage will be like. Very jazzy and the girls sound great but I won’t be remembering this in a few hours either.

Una: I think I had too high hopes for VIVIZ’s release because it’s pretty but also a little… too jazzy for me (I feel like I’m going to do some tap dancing for a while). Don’t let this make you think it’s not a great song because it is. The amazing vocals are there, the real melodies are there and the very recognizable smooth feeling that GFriend releases have ever had is here. That’s quite the formula to guarantee a fantastic track especially with a great final like Red Sun! have – change of melody and key? Yes, girls. I wish the transitions between parts were done a little better because it would make the song even more beautiful.

Brave Girl – Whistle
Una: Okay, good times with the Brave Girls as expected. A summer song like that, could be a full comeback honestly because the tone of the whistle is so cute. Whistle is a ubiquitous Brave Sound song and it is the structure and formula that he has mastered today. Probably my favorite Queendom single with Red Sun! because those two songs feel distinctly like the sound of the group in general and that’s what I need to hear. Whistle deserves a music video!

Lina: I don’t think Brave Girls should be left behind and this is the best of the six, because after all, it’s Brave Sound. Same producer same group, help is there