What does home mean? Is home the place where we live in the circle of people who are blood related to us? Or is home a sense of togetherness with the people we love and also understand ourselves and accept us as we are? The definition of a house itself is a building that is used as a residence for a certain period of time. In a special sense, the house refers to social-social concepts that are interwoven in residential buildings, such as family, living, eating, sleeping, doing activities, and so on.

The family theme is timeless. There have been many films that have taken the family theme as the main story base. Whether it’s a family film wrapped in a romantic comedy, a family with a war story, a family with a horror feel, even a family with a dystopian background against zombies that never ends.

Zombieland is one of the strangest films because it combines the dysfunctional family theme (only Wichita and Little Rock are blood relatives) with the background of a world that has been destroyed by zombie attacks. Moreover, it is not a serious action film with heroic scenes, but an action against zombies plus fresh comedy between the interactions of the characters. Ten years later, a sequel to Zombieland emerged with the title Zombieland: Double Tap. The main characters of Zombieland Double Tap are still the same as before, even playing the same role. Including the cute little Abigail Breslin who is already a teenager with all her desires to find identity, like the behavior of teenagers in general.

The film begins as Columbus (Jesse Eisenberg), Tallahassee (Woody Harrelson), Wichita (Emma Stone) and Little Rock (Abigail Breslin) move into the abandoned White House in a post-apocalyptic zombie-infested world known by Columbus as Zombieland. Things seem to be calm for them until Columbus scares Wichita with a marriage proposal which prompts her to take her sister Little Rock and leave Columbus and Tallahassee. After a few weeks, Columbus seems to have moved on with a cute new girl named Madison (Zoey Deutch), but both he and Tallahassee are pulled back into the world of adventure when Wichita returns and informs them that Little Rock has run away with a hippie he just met and Little Rock likes named Berkeley (Avan Jogia). Given that Berkeley is a pacifist and a hippie who hates war, Wichita, Tallahassee and Columbus intend to find Little Rock with the help of Madison.

Like the first “Zombieland” movie, the appeal of this film is really centered on three things: Lots of gore fighting zombie action scenes with great visualization, intelligent dialogues between players, and special moments when Columbus tries to talk / narrate with the audience in forming the rules for survival in Zombieland or (as a new twist in this sequel) Columbus also identify the various types of zombies they might encounter.

From a directing perspective, it is undeniable that there are no crucial changes from the first film, this is actually an attraction in itself considering how eccentric the Zombieland movie is. In the span of 10 years, Ruben Fleischer has made a variety of different and quite phenomenal action or comedy films. In addition to Zombieland and Zombieland: Double Tap, Fleischer has made 30 Minutes or Less which is very funny and satirical, Gangster Squad is a very stylish gangster action, as well as the antihero Venom which was very commercially successful and became a guilty pleasure for many superhero movie lovers. Fleischer has proven that the very film Zombieland: Double Tap, will not be easily forgotten and will stay true to its characteristics.

There is no doubt in terms of acting, all played very well according to their roles. Although you could say, their roles are identical to roles in other films. Example: Woody Harrelson has always been an ignorant (as well as old) character who is indifferent and a bit of an alpha male, but indeed he is a person who really loves his family and will always protect him. His character is not much different from his other films, such as The Hunger Games series, Now You See Me series, The Duel or Wilson. Likewise with Emma Stone who always plays a smart, beautiful, rebellious, sarcastic, independent woman and knows what she wants, such as Emma Stone’s role in the films Easy A, Crazy Stupid Love, The Amazing Spider-Man series, La La Land, The Favorite etc. Jesse Eisenberg is the same and Abigail Breslin is the same (even though Breslin is young). So maybe we are a little bored to see them with the same characters in their other films. There is nothing new in terms of characterizations in the four main characters, but just an affirmation.

Even so, Zoey Deutch who plays Madison is a refreshing character who makes us stunned with all the cuteness, innocence, and how stupid Madison is with all her typical. Typical of a beautiful woman, fair skin, blonde hair with a sexy body. Zoey was able to bring Madison into a scene stealer even when side by side with her seniors in Zombieland Double Tap. Don’t forget other refreshments from Luke Wilson and Thomas Middleditch characters and in the credit scene Bill Murray will appear as a cameo that makes us laugh out loud.

The most special part of this film is, how the 4 main players really provide happy moments in the film, like a family in general. Although not related to each other, the chemistry between the four of them was undeniably very close and it was as if they had become family in 10 years. Not to mention the nine love interest Tallahassee named Nevada (Rosario Dawson) this family becomes even more with the arrival of a figure like ‘Mother’ who was absent from the first film.

The concept of a post-apocalyptic action comedy – road movie – genre allows this film to be a family-themed film with the togetherness of the four main characters. They form unreal but very close bonds with each other. They are very comfortable with their strange relationship, making them a family that will understand each other. The ending of this film clearly states the certainty of a new family in Zombieland including the addition of one family member who completes their family’s awkwardness. Columbus also realized that even though he had no roof, living in the wild, fighting zombies, as long as he was with them (who had become his family) was the most comfortable home he had always wanted. He believes that his home is where his family is.