[Review] V Wars: How much is Netflix’s vampire series worth?


Netflix officially released its vampiric series: V Wars on December 5. The war between humans and vampires was announced on the platform. Attention to the fangs. We watched the whole first season, that’s what we thought.

Between the arrival of the next French mini-series Dracula and Vampires in 2020, Netflix has been a bit of a blood drinker. The platform put us in the tub from last December 5th with its V Wars series. The series, created by William Laurin and Glenn Davis, stars actor Ian Somerhalder (also producer of V Wars). The character who played Damon Salvatore for almost 7 years in the Vampire Diaries series has remained loyal to the world of night creatures for this new production.

The series is adapted from the comic book by Jonathan Maberry. The author offers a new look at vampires. V Wars moved away from the traditional legend of the blood drinker to create its own mythology. As you can tell here, vampires don’t shine in the sun as one might see in the (little bit) romantic Twilight saga. They also don’t wear resurrection rings like in the Vampire Diary. and forget Transylvania, Count Dracula, crosses and stakes in the heart. In this new V Wars series, you become a vampire in a completely different way.

V Wars: V for Vampires or Viruses
We are in New York, far from myth and fantasy. A mysterious and terrible virus, which resides in the polar ice, is accidentally released by researchers. This new, highly contagious disease spreads quickly and easily. Contaminated individuals develop certain superhuman capacities… but above all, they want to feed on human blood. Dr. Luther Swann tries to understand this new virus. But things get complicated for him when his best friend Michael Fayne (Adrian Holmes) comes into contact with the disease. The victims of this epidemic become “Blood”, a new breed that is getting bigger and bigger. The American government decided to take radical action to combat this nascent “evil”.

William Laurin and Glenn Davis appear on the screen for more than 10 episodes of war between humans and vampires. And this program is quite a pleasant surprise. V Wars, on paper and on screen, offers soap operas that you never get bored of. We are very far from the love story between vampires and humans as we have seen in Vampire Diary or True Blood. Through a blood drinker, this series tells us about society and looks at the question of “living together”. “My friends and I are not terrorists. we have the right to live like you Michael Fayne’s argument. War is not just between humans and vampires, but good and evil in general. Each individual, contaminated or not, chooses his own camp. And sometimes governments turn out to be more extreme than the vampires themselves, questioning the nature of the true “monsters.”

Unlike the miniseries Dracula, coming soon to Netflix, in V Wars, blood doesn’t flow freely. The series doesn’t abuse special effects and doesn’t offer extreme gore. In its structure, it is more like a low budget TV movie. With a well-chosen soundtrack, the series is not a masterpiece (and doesn’t claim to be one of them) but it is effective, original, and undeniably engaging. We’re not saying no to a sequel.

Netflix has yet to confirm the arrival of a second season, although actor Ian Somerhalder has shown interest: “I’m excited to present this first season, because I know what’s going to happen in the next season. Next season, everything we have planned. It’s going to be huge. Really. -serious !” We crossed our fingers because we were going to pick up fangs.