[Review] The Secret World of Emojis: Giant and annoying advertisement


If I had to make a ranking of the worst feature films seen in my life, The Secret World of Emojis would certainly be in the top 10. Bad entertainment, The Secret World of Emojis more generally symbolizes the lack of inspiration of the Hollywood industry lately.

Initially, I wanted to write a funny review based on emojis to stay in the theme of the film. A funny review that would have been punctuated with lots of poop emojis. But the hour is too serious to joke. Indeed, The Secret World of Emojis is symptomatic of a Hollywood in crisis that got lost along the way.

The story ? How important … Between two micro-naps and three sessions of indignation, I vaguely followed the story of this blah emoji who can not blah and who must undertake an initiatory quest to accept himself as he is. A story seen and reviewed a hundred times, that the writers did not even bother to dress a minimum. The characters and the story are indeed flat like a smartphone screen, in particular because of the emptiness of the dialogues. Likewise, the artistic direction will give your dear darlings nightmares. Special mention to viruses and trolls who, at Pixar, have not passed any validation process.

The icing on the cake, the universe depicted in the hour and twenty (it’s long, very long) makes no sense. In less than thirty seconds, the characters can contradict each other or the rules be established and then broken in the process. It’s the fairest of things that a simple script review by a script doctor could have avoided. Why is the emoji so special? Why are internet trolls lodged in an app with the bugs? Why do the characters have to go through the apps when at the same time, other characters go faster by simply bypassing them? Why is the poo emoji the only one that needs to go to the bathroom? Nothing makes sense in The Secret World of Emojis , and nothing is explained.

A world riddled with inconsistencies
The worst part about it is that nothing is innocent. Indeed, the whole storyline of Secret World of Emojis seems to have been built for free publicity. In addition to the constant and meaningless namedropping , history sometimes takes detours to promote applications has been for two years. It’s impossible not to feel uncomfortable in front of this Candy Crush sequence which has no other interest than to encourage children to download the application (and to spend their parents’ money), and it’s far from being the only one in this case. In reality, Emoji is furiously reminiscent of the dreadful Food Fight in this area, but with a larger budget.

The Secret World of Emojis is above all the emblem of an excessive Hollywood that got lost along the way. A Hollywood for which there are only juicy licenses, more able to fill the coffers of the studios than to tell a beautiful story. This works when it comes to adapting well-known stories or characters who have already proven themselves (Marvel is the perfect example), but less when it comes to bringing a concept as nebulous as the life of emojis. Since we use them all and every day, Sony thought maybe there was something to do. But cinema is not how it works.

Shipwreck on all fronts, The Secret World of Emojis will undoubtedly be a quickly forgotten film… and that’s a shame. Indeed, it should serve as a warning to a Hollywood lacking inspiration which no longer offers any creation to sell its products. Nevertheless, the spectator, even if he knows that a Hollywood film is above all a product rather than a work, will not be fooled for long.