Had planned to release in theaters with the title Connected in 2020, The Mitchells vs the Machines is the latest animated film produced by Phil Lord and Christopher Miller who, of course, are known for the films they directed and produced previously such as Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs (2009), The LEGO Movie (2014), and Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse (Bob Persichetti, Peter Ramsey, Rodney Rothman, 2018). The animated film is the directorial debut for director Mike Rianda – and co-director Jeff Rowewho together with Rianda wrote the script for the film, The Mitchells vs the Machines tried to continue the success of Sony Pictures Animation through Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse in presenting an animated visual arrangement with an animation flavor that is different from most modern animated films. For this film, this is done by presenting and blending traditional animation techniques and computer animation, giving some live-action touches to some scenes, and wrapping them in bright colors that will immediately steal the show. Succeed?

The Mitchells vs the Machines itself tells the story of a girl named Katie Mitchell ( Abbi Jacobson ) who can’t wait to leave her home and start a new life to sit in college and try to realize her dream to become a reliable filmmaker. Katie Mitchell’s impatience to leave the house is also driven by her relationship with her father, Rick Mitchell ( Danny McBride ), who is thought to have never been able to understand all of his dreams. Rick Mitchell was actually aware of the estrangement in his relationship with the princess. That’s why, instead of dropping off and parting with his son at the airport, Rick Mitchell then invites his wife, Linda Mitchell ( Maya Rudolph), and their son, Aaron Mitchell (Rianda), for a final trip in their car to take Katie Mitchell to her campus in another part of the state. Unfortunately, not yet at their destination, a chaos occurred caused by a rebellion carried out by a computer software known as PAL ( Olivia Colman ) who wanted to take over the power of the world from human hands.

The story presented by Rianda and Rowe does feel very familiar – the story of a child and a father whose relationship begins to drift apart because they feel they are so different before an incident can unite their differences. The Mitchells vs the Machinesalso provides layers of stories about how technology is present in the family environment. However, rather than trying to give a moral story about how “technology creates distance in everyone’s personal relationships” or “technology is a bad thing in human relationships,” this film prefers to tell a personal story about how the journey of a troubled relationship finds a solution. humanist when the characters are depicted begin to try to understand each other. As a result, Rianda and Rowe were able to present a family story that was both warm and entertaining.

The plot of the adventures that the Mitchell family members must go through in their quest to save the world can also be worked out well. Presented in a thick comedy, Rianda executes the adventure elements in his film through a fast storytelling rhythm so that exciting moments that must be faced by each character can be presented properly. The choice to present the story with an animated graphic display which is a combination of hand-drawn animation with computer animation also limits the storyline that can be achieved by the storyline of The Mitchells vs the Machines.become wider. Unlike most modern animated films that try to appear with animation and colors that seem real, this film is presented with a variety of animation touches that make it sometimes seem silly but never give the impression of making things up. Mark Mothersbaugh’s musical composition along with a selection of energetic indie pop songs also helped propel The Mitchells vs the Machines into a very, very enjoyable presentation.

The scintillating quality of the storytelling of this film also gets support from the vocal performances of the voice actors. McBride, Rudolph, Jacobson, and Rianda come with slick and convincing chemistry to appear as a family. Fred Armisen and Beck Bennett, who play as two robots who help the Mitchell family’s adventures, are also able to steal attention through their comical dialogues. Playing the role of an antagonist who tries to rule the world, Colman appears to be the star of The Mitchells vs the Machines. His character may be described as a terrible figure for his revenge attempt, but Colman intelligently executes the dialogues given to his character with a touch of comedy that makes PAL characters still feel funny.