[Review] The Incredibles 2, the Disney / Pixar that will brighten up your summer


Fourteen years ago, Disney and Pixar offered the world a new vision of the superhero. More family, more human too, the feature film of Brad Bird had conquered critics and spectators and had become one of the most profitable animated films in history (688% of profitability, all the same). While a sequel had been mentioned for many years, now Bob, Hélène and their children are back on the front of the stage with a new story that could well go down in history and in some hearts.

Superhero family
The Parr family are back. The Incredibles 2begins where the first episode left off. The Demolisher attacks the city and it is Hélène and Bob, accompanied by their children, Violette, Flèche and Jack-Jack who decide to intervene. Helped by their friend and lifelong companion Frozone, the Incredibles end up arresting their enemy, but at the same time suffer the wrath of the government. Politicians don’t see the good that superheroes could do again and prefer to stop at the damage they do when fighting crime. Fortunately, Chad Brentley, CEO of DevTech comes to their rescue. Expert in telecommunications, he offers our heroes to help them change their image. And to carry out this dangerous mission, it is Elastigirl who is selected.

Quickly, we realize that under cover of a rather classic story of superheroes, the feature film seeks to convey a message. Progressive and above all openly feminist, Brad Bird’s film makes fun of the stereotypes returned by family life, the role of father and mother, the better to divert them. Hélène Parr aka Elastigirl takes power and proves to the world that mother’s life can sometimes be the hardest job there is. But this time it is Bob who is going to look after the children and let his wife take on the leading role by force. An unpleasant situation for “the man of the house”, which gives rise to some well-felt and funny lines, which refer to our societies and the ideology present in many homes.

Elastigirl and the others
The Incredibles 2is therefore a film where women have power and from that point of view, it’s really successful. Without ever falling into the easiness or the cliché, the feature film makes people laugh and provokes a little clever electroshock that will be useful to the little ones while entertaining the big ones. Beyond making people laugh and showing off his ideas, the production of Brad Bird is also fun to follow for its story, intelligently staged. Captivating when considered as the great spectacle that it is, the story follows itself lightly and progresses with a welcome sustained rhythm. If everything is expected enough and surprises are rare, it is clear that we spend a simple moment, but very pleasant. The big bad guy in the story, the hypnotist, isn’t as charismatic and thrilling as Syndrome was in the previous opus, but it intrigues enough to reinforce the interest of the film. Once again, it is above all the many situations inherent in the new life of the Parr family that are the strength of the Incredibles.

Technically, we feel that the years have passed and that Pixar has improved to make such productions. The character animation is of excellent quality, the details are omnipresent and the sets are all very successful. Just take a look at Jack-Jack’s modeling in this episode and compare it to the first installment to realize it. The many effects that appear on the screen also benefit from the know-how of the American studio and once again prove its dexterity to create unique universes.

In its French version, the dubbing of Bob alias Monsieur Indestructible is provided by Gerard Lanvin who replaces Marc Alfos. The French actor is excellent and we must admit that his voice sticks in a beautiful way to the physique of the superhero. Louane Emera is responsible for his side to overtake Violette and it is also a success. The rest of the cast is also of very good quality. It is also the same as for the first episode with Amanda Lear to dub the drôlissime Edna and Thierry Desroses, the French voice of Samuel L. Jackson who takes care of Frozone.