Review the important details that have happened in the anime world in recent days

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It can be said that this past week has been a tumultuous week in the anime world. Therefore, let’s review the important information with

As introduced, this past week can be considered as a time when fans of shounen anime are on a roller coaster of emotions. Because after all, the past week has been everywhere, there are thousands of episodes hanging by a hair or moments where a powerful character returns, etc. That’s why meFans join MGN .vn review what important information needs to be paid attention to in the anime world .

One Piece

According to many fan feedback, One Piece is the shounen anime that contains the most important details of the past week. Because the last chapter 1059 of One Piece not only contains extremely bloody battles, but also has the reappearance of a legend.

Specifically, in chapter 1059 of the past week, a war between Amazonian female warriors and the navy broke out. Blackbeard and his men took advantage of this chaos to come and take Boa’s power. In a critical situation, Rayleigh suddenly appeared to save Boa. Although Redbeard ran away, he also kidnapped Coby. One Piece chapter 1059 also revealed that Shakky is the former queen of Amazon Lily, a revelation that left fans gaping in surprise.

Black Clover

This past week, Black Clover fans have been fascinated by the mysterious figure who saved Asta from a fatal wound in chapter 336. Chapter 337 not only confirms the identity of this mysterious individual, but also revealed the new land in which Asta will reside and train in this perilous time, that is, the kingdom of Hino.

The person who saved Asta is revealed to be Ryuudou Ryuuya – the general of the Hino Nation. More specifically, this is also revealed to be Yami’s acquaintance since they were children. Black Clover manga followers have been waiting a long time to see the introduction of the national Hino. And the last chapter did not disappoint as the author left his fans amazed by the sophistication and vastness of this country.

Black Clover chapter 337 also showed fans the reaction of the members of the Black Bull team after mistakenly believing that Asta was gone. They could not believe this painful truth and all scattered to find this comrade.

Jujutsu Kaisen

The latest chapter of the Jujutsu Kaisen anime manga was also released this week. In this chapter, fans were able to see Maki return to the battlefield after training with Miyo. Her brief training session worked wonders. Maki was able to dodge and attack Naoya without any hindrance. This is very special because Maki has never possessed this agile body before.

With the help of Daidou and Miyo, Maki was able to defeat Naoya. However, Naoya managed to get out of that defeated body. At the same time, he was also extremely angry and ready to rush into battle with all his strength.

Tokyo Revengers

Tokyo Revengers is supposed to give fans one of the biggest revelations of the entire manga. After months of waiting to find out the identity of the second time traveler, Mikey finally revealed that it was Shinichiro Sano. Mikey ‘s brother was the first to travel back in time. He does so to create a new timeline to save his brother from a mysterious danger.

Tokyo Revengers chapter 268 also reveals that Wakasa was the one who informed Manjiro of his brother’s abilities. Although excited, many fans demanded that the manga explain how people like Kisaki and Hanma are. knew about this time travel before Mikey or Takemichi.

Manga will come out in the future

Currently, there are still some manga series that are temporarily suspending new chapters to give the authors a chance to rest and also give them more time to think of the most suitable path for their brainchild. . The manga that did not release new chapters this week can be mentioned as Chainsaw Man, My Hero Academia and Spy X Family.


After what happened, this new week is considered to continue to push things to the highest possible climax. That’s why meFans, remember to follow so you don’t miss any important information that will happen this week.