Review The Emoji Movie


Like friendship and mutual sacrifice for each other. However, the most important is the message to love and accept ourselves as we are. You don’t need to be someone else to be accepted in society.

When interviewed, director Tony Leondis admitted that he really wanted to make a film about emoji because it was inspired by Toy Story (1995). The film that tells about the world of toys is indeed very legendary. Which, until now, has developed into one of the most successful animated film franchises of all time.

In addition to a deep moral message, in the trailer of this film, we can also see that director Tony Leondis managed to display the colorful and eye-catching world of Textopolis. The audience seemed to be taken into a virtual world that was bustling with excitement.

In addition, for the lineup of voice actors for this film, the names that are partnered are also not arbitrary, but famous names. Like TJ Miller and James Corden. And Anna Faris. Who recently divorced from Chris Pratt. In addition, there is also Sir Patrick Stewart. Who plays Poop. The emoji (sorry) tai. aka merda (in Italian).

Oh yes. In addition to the famous names earlier, there is also a latin duo. Namely: Christina Aguilera and Sofia Vergara. Christina voices Akiko Glitter. A super cool dancer who lives inside the Just Dance app. Meanwhile, Sofia becomes Flamenca. An emoji that is good at dancing flamenco.

However, unfortunately, despite being strengthened by a number of well-known names, carrying an interesting story idea, and presenting beautiful visuals, The Emoji Movie still failed to captivate the hearts of critics. The film with a budget of USD 50 million is considered unable to follow the success of similar films. Such as Wreck-It Ralph (2012), The Lego Movie (2014), and Inside Out (2015). In fact, a number of review sites have given a very negative rating.

The plot of The Emoji Movie is considered too imaginative. The dialogue isn’t funny. Much of the humor seems rude and inappropriate. Especially, if watched by children. In addition, the film, which is distributed by Columbia Pictures, is also considered to be too blatantly displaying application content. Like Spotify, Candy Crush, and Just Dance. As a result, The Emoji Movie looks like an app ad wrapped into a movie.

However, fortunately, despite being beaten by various kinds of criticism, this animated comedy film is still quite widely watched. Since playing globally at the end of last month, The Emoji Movie has been able to collect revenues of up to USD 70 million.