The USA audience can be said to be quite lucky. The proliferation of cinema screens also brings a breath of fresh air through foreign films that are showing more and more variety. One of the countries that has been very difficult to separate from the USA audience with its films is Korea, which of all genres has appeared on our cinema screens. Many films with the theme of the history of the Korean people’s struggle during the Japanese occupation have also been shown. One of the things we remember the most is Battleship Island, which once occupied the first position of the highest-grossing Korean film of all time in Indonesia before being replaced by Parasite . And now there is another film about the history of struggle entitled The Battle: Roara to Victory . Films directed by Won Shin-yunwhich amazed us through the action film he directed entitled The Suspect (2013) and starred Gong Yoo.

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The Battle: Roar to Victory , starring Yu Hae-jin, Ryoo Joon-yeol , and Jo Woo-Jin .
The audience for The Battle: Roar to Victory broke box office records in South Korea. The Attorney and Ode to My Father tells the story of Japanese colonization of Korea in the 1920s in the Bongo-dong area where at that time Korea was subject to Japan. Resistance groups began to emerge to fight for independence. Groups with different social statuses but have one common desire, namely independence.

One of the struggle groups led by Hae-chul (Yoo Hae-jin) and his subordinates conducted an operation to send funds to the Korean Provisional Government in Shanghai. During the operation, Hae-chul meets Jang-ha, a young army commander and expert marksman whose mission is to defend the Samdunja area. The meeting made them work together to trap the Japanese soldiers in Samdunja. A strategy that seemed to be a surefire strategy to corner Japan turned out to have to sacrifice a lot of things and it seemed impossible to succeed. The only missions that can work are those that threaten the lives of all troops.

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Through the opening scene that has managed to attract attention, the audience will continue to be brought to recognize the characters in the middle of the ongoing story plot. But make sure your attention is not distracted, because the introduction of this character is quite fast because there will be more battle scenes that will stimulate the audience’s adrenaline. We will see a lot of visuals of how cruel Japan is and how limited and cornered the fighters are in battle.

A typical film of the struggle for independence from any country, the antagonists of the invaders are described as very inhumane. For those who have watched a lot of this kind of film, it will be very easy to guess which way the plot will go. But fortunately the film focuses more on the visuals of the David vs Goliath-style battle. For almost an hour, we were presented with battle after battle and chases between fighters and the Japanese that made the audience hold their breath. If you like films like T aegukgi, Battleship Island or My Way , then The Battle: Roar to Victory is one you shouldn’t miss.