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The Korean drama The Road: Tragedy of One is one of the newest 2021 Korean drama series which premiered on August 4, 2021 to replace the previous series entitled ” My Roommate Is A Gumiho “. This drama is aired by tvN channel every Wednesday and Thursday, at 22:30 Korean time for 16 episodes and is scheduled to end on September 9, 2021.

At the beginning of the plan, The Road: The Tragedy of One was scheduled to premiere on July 21, 2021. However, due to the Tokyo 2020 Olympics screening, the screening of this drama was postponed to August 5, 2021.

Drama title The Road: 1ui Bigeuk / The Road: Tragedy of One
Genre / Tema Mysteries , Thriller
Number of Episodes 12 episode
Channel the t.v
Release August 5, 2021 to September 9, 2021
Shows Every Day Wednesday and Thursday, 10:30 p.m. KST
Director Kim Noh Won
Writer Yoon Hee Jung
Novel Adaptations 1996’s The Road: Tragedy of One by Norizuki

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Sinopsis Singkat Drama The Road: Tragedy of One

Drama series The Road: The Tragedy of One is a drama based on the 1996 novel of the same name by Norizuki.

Taking the genre of crime, mystery, and thriller as well, the story is about the lives of two high-class families in Royal the Hill who keep many secrets. On top of that, the ambitious residents of Royal the Hill were bad.

Baek Soo-Hyun (Ji Jin-Hee) is a popular and respected news anchor. When he states something in front of the camera, viewers will perceive his words as the truth.

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But behind that, Baek Soo-Hyun is actually cold-hearted. When he wants something, he has to get it, he will use any means to get what he wants.

Seo Eun-Soo is the daughter of the chairman of Jegang Group and the wife of Baek Soo-Hyun. His father was powerful enough that he had great influence in the world of politics and economics. Seo Eun-Soo himself is a popular miniature artist. He puts priority on his family and he tries never to lose his dignity, but he faces tragedy. Seo Eun-Soo tries to protect her family.

Cha Seo-Young (Kim Hye-Eun) is a television announcer. She has everything, including a prestigious job, an exemplary educational background, and a beautiful appearance, but she is rarely satisfied with what she has.

Cast of The Road: Tragedy of One
1# Ji Jin Hee as Baek Soo Hyun
Baek Soo Hyun’s character is described as the most trusted news anchor in Korea. He always reveals the truth with solid facts. But unbeknownst to the public, Baek Soo Hyun has a dark side. One of them is the nature where every time he wants something, he will justify any means as long as it does not harm anyone.

Despite his popularity, Baek Soo Hyun is also secretly struggling with a deep sense of guilt that he hides from others.

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2# Yoon Se Ah plays the character Seo Eun Soo
Seo Eun Soo’s character is Baek Soo Hyun’s wife. Apart from coming from a wealthy family, Seo Eun Soo is an accomplished miniature artist who often holds exhibitions on his own. After his son was born prematurely, he spent more time in the hospital.

Seo Eun Soo is played by actress Yoon Se Ah, this 1980-born actress has starred in a number of dramas and films. Such as SKY Castle, Melting Me Softly , My Sassy Girl, Scarlet Innocence, and Honest Candidate .

3# Kim Hye Eun as Cha Seo Young
The character Cha Seo Young has an extraordinary family background. However, he was quite greedy and was not satisfied with what he had.

Cha Seo Young is played by actress Hye Eun, previously she has starred in a number of popular dramas and films including Itaewon Class , Encounter, The Guest, Mr. Sunshine , My Shy Boss, and My Little Brother .