[Review] Stand by Me Doraemon


Those words kept ringing in my head when I was about to watch this film, and unfortunately, neither I nor the rest of the JOI crew had time to prepare tissues. If I may remind you, tissue is the most important item that you must prepare before watching Stand by Me Doraemon, because even a person as big as me can cry, let alone you.

Prior to this, Ryuukikun had written a review of the same film , and many aspects have been described in full, but I will try to fill in the parts or strengthen the review of Ryuukikun himself. Especially the part you have to bring tissue, mandatory.

The film Stand by Me Doraemon was made possible because of the collaboration between Jive Entertainment and the Blitz Megaplex cinema . For those of you who are afraid of running out of tickets, Blitz provides an advanced sales service that started some time ago. Now, let’s get into the Stand by Me Doraemon review.

Sense of Nostalgia
It’s amazing how much nostalgia is brought by the movie Stand by Me Doraemon. How they recreate a world in the 80-90s quite accurately and will more or less take you back to the days when Doraemon was still broadcast in our childhood.

The extraordinary 3D CG technology doesn’t seem like an overstatement , because while they maintain the ‘cartoon’ side of Nobita and his friends, they manage to make things look very ‘real’ even for 3D CG size. The textures of every wall, wood, even asphalt road are well drawn, showing how much time the animation team put into these small details.

Make you cry? Of course!
You don’t have to watch the movie, just watching the trailer has touched many of us because of the combination of songs and scenes. But it turns out that the film has a lot of feels scenes that will squeeze our little hearts. As I have said and will continue to emphasize, bring a tissue if you don’t want to bother wiping your tears.

Stand by Me Doraemon brings a lot of scenes that can provoke tears, either because there are too many feels, or too many laughs. Yes, Stand by Me Doraemon not only has sad scenes, but also scenes that make your stomach churn so you can’t hold back your tears. I also can’t believe the ability of this film to squeeze my tears, but that’s the truth.

Beautifully and smartly packaged
In the end, Stand by Me Doraemon, in my opinion, is a film that is packaged very beautifully and cleverly. Assembling many pieces of Doraemon’s story into a single unit, but not running away from the core of the story is a strength of this film. I’m sure for those of you who have watched Doraemon since childhood, this film will be a film that will not be forgotten.

This film also tells the development of Nobita, who used to always depend on Doraemon’s tools, into Nobita who can be independent without the presence of Doraemon who has to always help him. This film will make you feel like you want to be an independent person, and that’s a good thing . Although in the process, you may have to spend 1 pack of tissue, but it was all worth it .

Stand by Me Doraemon, is a film that compiles an experience watching Doraemon which is incredibly soothing, squeezing kokoro, and also gives a feeling of satisfaction after watching it. For those of you who want to watch it, maybe you should hurry up to buy advanced sales tickets, because this film will definitely be sold out by fans.