[Review] Spider-Man: Far From Home: The Webweaver hits the mark


After the surge in Avengers: Endgame, it’s up to Spider-Man to wrap up MCU Phase III. Despite the pressure, Spider-Man hits hard and weaves past the tip of his nose, both delivering a match-up conclusion for the Marvel Cinematic Universe, while also standing up as the best live-action movie about Spider-Man. Man since the second installment of Sam Raimi.

Spider-Man in the movies is a long story. Landed in the guise of Tobey Maguire in 2002, the spider man was able to create a surprise under the direction of Sam Raimi, until a third catastrophic film which put an end to the saga. We then had the chance (if you can call it that) to find Spidey in two Amazing Spider-Man signed Marc Webb, which we would have gladly done without, before seeing the web weaver in Homecoming, wink when the franchise returns to its parent company: Marvel.

After the good surprise Homecoming and its promises for the future of Spidey, here comes its direct sequel: Spider-Man: Far From Home. The film takes the risk of starting soon after the events of Avengers Endgame, and arrives with the heavy task of concluding Phase III of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It’s a lot of pressure on the shoulders of young Peter Parker, still played by Tom Holland, who is doing admirably well in this latest Spider-Man. We take stock of this new feature film from Marvel Studios.

As usual, our review is guaranteed SPOILER-free. On the other hand, it will contain some elements of the scenario of Avengers: Endgame, essential for the good comprehension of the film.

Spider-Man: Far From Home begins right after the events of Avengers: Endgame and the tragic death of Tony Stark. We find Peter Parker in his high school, trying to rebuild himself after having disappeared for five long years. As a school trip to Europe looms, Peter intends to take the opportunity to recharge his batteries after the epic events of Avengers, and especially to declare his love to MJ, still played by the fabulous Zendaya.

Spider-Man: Far From Home begins with a light teen movie tone, reminding us that Peter Parker is still just a teenager. We will also salute the brilliant performance of Tom Holland in the role of spider man, which certainly represents the most credible version of the superhero in cinema. It turns out even more convincing than was Tobey Maguire, in a register less tortured, more adolescent.

Teen movie turns red
After a first part full of humor and with a very light and fun tone, a second half looms much more focused on the action, while unexpected events come to spoil the party when new enemies point the tip of their nose. He will then cross the road of Nick Fury, and a new superhero from another world nicknamed Mysterio, and played by Jake Gyllenhaal.

Small flat with regard to Mysterio, who, if he asks interesting questions in particular on the manipulation of information at the time of Fake News, remains relatively flat and above all, extremely predictable. It’s a shame that we neglected the character’s writing, especially since the choice of Jake Gyllenhaal in the role could certainly have taken him much further.

Vibrant tribute to Tony Stark
Throughout the film, the ghost of Tony Stark hovers above the head of young Parker, preventing him from fully living his teenage life. However, if Iron Man is very present, Marvel avoids the mistake of letting him take up too much space, to the point of crushing the spider. Here Tony Stark is everywhere, sure, but he serves the storyline all the more as Spider-Man questions whether he is capable of taking over and becoming the next Iron Man. We are therefore rather on a kind of homage to the character played by Robert Downey Jr. which leaves all its place to the spider man.

Finally, we will also salute the risk-taking of Marvel Studios to emancipate itself from New York to show the country to the spider man. Rather than yet another classic adventure in the streets of New York, Spider-Man: Far From Home takes us to several European cities, and even takes the risk of not providing his usual costume to the spider man at times.

To conclude, Spider-Man: Far From Home is definitely a good surprise. It will manage to both satisfy diehard Marvel fans looking for a decent conclusion to Avengers: Endgame while still being entertaining for others who come primarily to see a Spider-Man. We are certainly in front of one of the best films on the spider man, which reassures on this umpteenth reboot of the franchise, this time at Marvel.