(REVIEW) Space Jam: A New Legacy


The author still remembers when he first watched Space Jam (1996). The combination of the ridiculousness of the Looney Tunes characters and the glittering NBA basketball league represented by megastar Michael Jordan makes this film a spectacle that will captivate a 5-year-old child.

Commercially, the film directed by Joe Pytka is a success. The charm of the hilarious characters from Looney Tunes and of course Michael Jordan as an NBA icon at that time became the determining factor. Indeed, cinematically Space Jam cannot be said to be a quality film. However, fans loved it until this film became one of the cult classics.

Leap 25 years ahead, Warner Bros. trying to repeat that success with a “sequel”, namely Space Jam: A New Legacy. Michael Jordan, who became the main star in the first film, is now “retiring” and being replaced by his successor who is both today’s NBA superstar, LeBron James.

The question is, will LeBron be able to carry Toon Squad and Space Jam: A New Legacy as Jordan did a quarter of a century ago? Get the answer in the typical KINCIR review below for your reference before watching the movie Space Jam: A New Legacy !

A More Humane Basketball Movie
As fellow basketball-themed film franchises, both Space Jam films carry a family element that makes this film suitable for viewing by all ages. However, it must be admitted, A New Legacy is somewhat more humane than its predecessor.

If the main conflict of Space Jam (1996) seemed to happen suddenly and just like that, A New Legacy begins with the intrigue of the father and son relationship. LeBron is told as a father who is very old-fashioned because he wants his children (of course not his real children) to become reliable basketball players like him.

His second child, Dominic (Cedric Joe) is told to have a destiny not as a basketball boy. He actually has talent as a game developer and managed to create a basketball game that he wanted to bring to E3.

This is where the main conflict begins. LeBron, with his high ego, was certainly angry because his son preferred games to basketball. This conflict is also used by Al G Rhythm (Don Cheadle), the super algorithm of Warner Bros. who “kidnapped” Dominic in annoyance after feeling humiliated by LeBron.

The family intrigue that is presented in Space Jam: A New Legacy doesn’t really feel completely, considering that basketball matches and crazy Looney Tunes action are the main show in this film. However, at least there is a “spice” that makes this film feel more interesting than its predecessor.

LeBron James is indeed a ” poster boy ” for the movie Space Jam: A New Legacy. However, there is one figure who is actually the center of the show. No , not Bugs Bunny or any other Tunes character . The main star of the show is Al G Rhythm, played by Don Cheadle .

His appearance in this film is really fresh and entertaining. He really managed to play an eccentric antagonist that made his character very interesting.

Cheadle’s role in A New Legacy is actually more or less similar to that of Bill Murray in the first Space Jam . Both are plotted as sidekicks of the NBA superstars. And it must be admitted, this formula is again effective because Cheadle manages to do his job well.

Talking about LeBron’s acting, the writer must admit that he is better in this respect than Jordan. He seems to be more prepared for the Hollywood spotlight . Still looks stiff, indeed. However, it is clear that LeBron seems to act more loosely than Jordan in the first film.

However, one thing that must be noted is that we cannot expect more from an NBA basketball player to be able to act gracefully in a film. It feels very subjective if we judge a film badly because of the clumsy acting of the main star who is a basketball player.

When you know the duration of Space Jam: A New Legacy, which is almost 2 hours, you might expect this film to be full of basketball action and Looney Tunes silly jokes .

Unfortunately, your hopes will not come true. Because, this film is filled with promotional scenes for the Warner Bros. franchise. and several placements from world-renowned brands .

The vibe of this film may not be much different from fellow Warner Bros. films, Ready Player One (2018). Because, there are many reference scenes of popular films and series under the auspices of Warner Bros. such as DC superheroes , Game of Thrones , Harry Potter, Mad Max, The Mask, Rick and Morty , to old school films like Casablanca .

It’s really fun to be able to see the characters from the popular franchise . So, don’t be surprised if you will be guessing with whom or what film/series will be shown.

However, I have to admit this move feels like a rough promotion. In fact, the author feels that these references are shown to cover up the weaknesses in the film, especially in the plot and storyline.

Worse, this film seems to have no focus. In fact, Space Jam: A New Legacy actually already has Looney Tunes which should be able to be served more than having to display these references. It’s a different story with Ready Player One, where the theme fits this kind of thing.