REVIEW: SPACE JAM: A NEW LEGACY (2021) After the huge success achieved by Space Jam


Including the phenomenal success achieved by its theme song, I Believe I Can Fly , by R. Kelly – Warner Bros. Pictures has indeed immediately prepared to produce a sequel. However, when Michael Jordan – whose popularity as a basketball athlete at the time was indeed one of the crucial keys to Space Jam’s commercial success – decided to no longer be involved, Warner Bros. Pictures then also chose not to continue the process of making a Space Jam sequel . As the years go by, the idea for a sequel to Space Jamcontinued to appear and had involved the names of a number of popular athletes such as Jeff Gordon and Tiger Woods or actor Jackie Chan. It wasn’t until 2014, when the name basketball star LeBron James began to be included, that the process for making a sequel to Space Jam got back on track. Appointing Malcolm D. Lee ( Scary Movie 5 , 2013) to sit in the directing chair, the sequel which was later titled Space Jam: A New Legacy started its production process in 2019 by bringing back a row of animated Looney Tunes characters such as Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Sylvester, Tasmanian Devil, to Road Runner.

As with Space Jam , the themes of family, friendship, and healthy competition are still the subject of discussion for Space Jam: A New Legacy whose story script involves no less than six (!!!) scriptwriters. The story itself focuses on the relationship between LeBron James (James) and his son, Dominic James ( Cedric Joe ). LeBron James wants his son to be good at playing basketball, like himself and his brother, Darius James ( Ceyair J. Wright). Like most parents, the encouragement that LeBron James gives is often forgetting that the child has other interests in his life. Rather than dwelling in the world of basketball, Dominic James has more abilities in the field of computer technology and building video games. The difference between the two sharpens when LeBron James and Dominic James are trapped in a digital world created by an artificial intelligence known as Al-G Rhythm ( Don Cheadle ) and requires the two to fight in a basketball match along with characters from the Looney Tunes animation. .

At the time of its release, Space Jam was not known for its superior quality of storytelling. Even so, the animated film is able to appear straightforward in its line of jokes as well as stories of family relationships and friendships that are successfully processed warmly. With six scriptwriters involved in developing the story script, Space Jam: A New Legacy , unfortunately, feels empty of all the story elements that previously succeeded in making its predecessor film liked by many audiences. Designed as a standalone sequelaka a standalone sequel, this film never even feels able to work as a film that can stand alone – thanks to the many anecdotes that appear in the storylines of the previous storyline – or as a sequel to Space Jam – due to the storyline that feels good and ignores the various conflicts that have been told. No clear direction of storytelling.

However, the worst part of the storytelling of Space Jam: A New Legacy is how shallow the overall presentation of the film is. Having a completely flat build of conflict and character development, this film drags on so long that it lasts 115 minutes. Never really felt effective in his family drama work, and completely failed to provide a touch of comedy that could entertain. Very boring. Not to mention the choice of Warner Bros. Pictures, who seemed so intent on making this film a place to show off the various film products they had previously released. Instead of producing the impression of a witty joke, appearances of characters from the DC Extended Universe, Harry Potter film series (2001 – 2011), Mad Max: Fury Road(George Miller, 2015), Casablanca (Michael Curtiz, 1942), The Matrix film series (1999 – 2003), to the television series Game of Thrones (2011 – 2019) and hundreds (thousands?) of characters from various Warner Bros. products. The other pictures, feel that they have no meaningful story essence and are a waste of time.

Unlike Space Jam which is able to combine the figure of Jordan with the animated characters of Looney Tunes, the story script for Space Jam: A New Legacyalso for some reason it feels like the existence of Bugs Bunny and his friends is often ignored. The existence of these animated characters is only used at certain moments and has never been used as a crucial figure for the storytelling of the film. At the same time, the characterization given to the figure of LeBron James and other human characters is also not very pleasant – even tends to be shallow. Not to mention the appearance of James who often feels stiff in acting and in the pronunciation of the dialogues expressed by his characters. The animation system shown in this film may still be able to become an element that is quite strong in quality. Unfortunately, these minor successes are not enough to provide a reason why this boring, poor quality film deserves to be released to the general public.