[Review] Soulless or violent bloodshot


Bloodshot lands on Amazon Prime and with it a tensed Vin Diesel, ready to kill anything that moves with his invincible super-soldier stature. A tantalizing blockbuster or an entertaining one? This new superhero movie may not pick the right weapon.

To say that Bloodshot has come a long way is an understatement. Taken from the Valiant Comics universe of superheroes, the film produced by Sony wanted to become a franchise before changing its mind following several rights disappointments, without closing the door on any of that.

It has to be said that Army of Thieves the studio has a catalog available, at times conducive to blockbusters, and the lead actors are looking for new licenses to reign. We’ll still have to wait for the box office results, but Bloodshot’s future isn’t too bad. Except that the coronavirus came to eliminate our heroes from the darkroom, forcing Sony to review its strategy. The studio therefore made a bet to offer the film on video on demand.

before sending it to Amazon Prime. a month later. And while we pity those Free Guy who will pay to watch it in this period of time, we tell ourselves that its arrival on the streaming platform is probably the best guarantee of success.

But let’s not sell the plow in front of Vin Diesel and talk about Jungle Cruise what Bloodshot has in front of us, namely the story of a dead soldier brought back to life by a company that creates new technology. With a body made of nanites making him nearly invulnerable, he will seek revenge on those who killed his wife. Obviously, be prepared for some twists and turns, unless you’ve watched the various trailers.

Bloodshot turns into Diesel
When asked if you have to read comics to appreciate movies, we like to say otherwise. The relationship between the two is very weak, this adaptation very Don’t Breathe 2 quickly decides to deviate from it as it were. Bad idea some would say – and they would be right – as the character was stripped of all substance to make way for Vin Diesel. Roughly speaking, we could sum up the comic book super-soldier to a mix of Punisher and Wolverine, psychological torment on top of that. A hard, dry and very sad side at the same time that an actor who has definitely stopped playing roles other than himself can’t afford.

There is no Bloodshot on the screen, only Vin Diesel with Thi-Baan The Series super powers who tells the story of the family in white marcel without questioning his condition. This is the project’s first big mistake: entrusting it into the hands of someone who has turned into Pee Mak Phra Kanong a stereotype of himself. If Robert Downey Jr. seems to have turned Tony Stark off the screen, Bloodshot would never have appeared beyond the expressionless Vin Diesel. As a final testament to the refusal to support this character’s mythology, her true appearance will barely take shape for a few seconds before resuming the Fast & Furious star’s appearance. A refusal to play is found in the rest of the cast, each wondering what to do with the pure, working empty shell that has been written for them. Not many.

What a devil dare!
If this season’s Top Chef is placed under the bold mark (as usual, right?), the bells are quite different in our super-soldiers. Despite the lack of actors, there’s enough John Wick 3 potential to hold, if not a great film, at least the assumed drool where hemoglobin flows freely, especially when your name is Bloodshot!

Promises fail, studio PG-13 is aimed at all audiences and blood levels, we see less than when we cut ourselves with leaves (yes, sick, we don’t want to know shit!). However, with the hero Siamese Outlaws being nearly invulnerable, it can be said that there is no shortage of ideas to show a ball or two. Aside from the scene being very stylized (best let’s face it) to hide the red blood in the midst of a tone-on-tone glow instead of a drop.

Even more surprising, feature films are no more Sin Sisters generous when it comes to action. Three sequences, that’s all we’ll have for a two hour period. The pill gets even worse when we realize that our hero prefers to use his available fists for a full arsenal. Especially when it comes to staging, the action is very soft and poorly edited, abusing slow motion in an attempt to create movement.

Looking for a savior
Does that mean Bloodshot is a complete failure? Absolutely not. With a minimal budget and some good shots, this film still manages to get out of the water by offering nothing good, but nothing fundamentally bad. Despite all the faults we found inIn it, we cannot say that The Legend of Suriyothai we are facing something that we want to forget. Already because it will erase itself from our memories, then because it manages to make us pass the time without us wanting to burn our eyes with acid. There is success in his failure because by not offering anything new, he avoids offering us the worst, content to entertain us between the two Call of Duty games.

This is where his arrival on Amazon Prime could give him the best of life. Overpriced cinema tickets for the quality of shows on offer, Bloodshot can find its place in the catalog where competition isn’t jostling. Thus positioned as a suitable proposition on a Saturday night with friends, sprawled out on the couch with chips.